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Bands, want to have your music played on Boston Rock Radio?  Please read the following information.


Artists/Bands: If you want Boston Rock Radio to air your tracks, follow the submission guidelines below. Please ensure your tracks are fully tagged. If your tracks are not tagged, we won't add them to rotation. Not sure what meta tagging is, please ask us or google it.   We don't charge for what we do, so at least show the love and provide professionally mixed, mastered and tagged tracks with all required information. Our Annual costs range from $800/USA to $1000/USA all supported by donations (PayPal). The power of social networks is extremely beneficial; this is why our feeds are open for all to share on. As you post to your own social page, consider dropping by and doing so on ours. We all know the news feeds don't reach everyone, sharing on a few other's pages can help a great deal.

NOTICE:  You are allowing Boston Rock Radio permission to add your music to daily rotation live and/or podcast.  You are Not providing Boston Rock Radio rights to your tracks for revenue purposes. Boston Rock Radio only shares your tracks with it's DJs.  Boston Rock Radio does not give your tracks away unless its management receives the express permission from you and or your representative for purposes of a prize package such as a hard copy or digital download.  You are asking us to feature your music to get the word out, so that fans come to your pages and buy your tracks from you.  If you sign with a label and seek royalties, please let us know so we can remove your tracks.  Several bands we feature have signed and still allow us to air their tracks royalty free. We support Independent and Unsigned Musicians and understand with some labels the game changes and not always at the desire of the musician.

Artis/Bands: I/We the undersigned, accept and agree as the submitting Artist/Band or Authorized Agent. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and ONLY submit materials in which I have ALL LEGAL RIGHTS, LICENSES, AND PERMISSIONS necessary to allow Boston Rock Radio feature our music via On Air or Podcast. 

Artist/Bands: I understand that Boston Rock Radio shall not be liable or obligated for royalty payments for airplay, to (and not limited to) the band represented in the submitted tracks, its agent, management, their authorized publishing agent or associated record label, for any revenues due or any damages incurred by the undersigned party submitting music for airplay on Boston Rock Radio ( resulting from airplay of the tracks submitted, to include unauthorized submissions.

 NOTICE: This agreement and guidlines will be updated without notice. Please check back and feel free to email with any questions.

Submission Guidelines

o    Each Submission should be wrapped in a ZIP (.zip) file. ZIP files are essentially virtual compressed FILE CABINETS. They can hold SEVERAL different types of files all together as ONE FILE. If you do not already have a program that makes/opens ZIP files, we recommend the open source (legally free) program 7-ZIP. Once you have installed and run 7-ZIP, your ready to ZIP your submission.

o    Each ZIP should include ALL of the following: (a) ALL TRACKS in MP3 format (128 kb/s Minimum). (b) a CD COVER scan (300×300 pixels Minimum).

o    If your submission is a DEMO or ADVANCED release without a CD COVER, then a BAND LOGO will be acceptable as a last resort (also no smaller than 300×300), but ALL submissions MUST include a CD COVER or replacement for our system.

§  ALL MP3s should be clearly tagged/named so that the following info is CLEAR and easy to see: (a) Band Name (b) Album Name (c) Song # (d) Song Name. An example would be My Band – My CD – 01 – My First Song.  MP3s should also include correct metadata.


NOTE:  If your music is accepted for daily rotation you will receive an email from Boston Rock Radio. PLEASE send out social media posts and let your fans now they can know hear your music on Boston Rock Radio and please tag us.  Any questions please check our FAQ page: 

   Submit Now

Submissions missing any required information will be rejected

Place REQUIRED information BELOW into email body and attach ZIP file containing (Music, Bio, Artwork, CD Cover) 



*I/We acknowledge and/or consent to the terms and conditions regarding consent for airplay on Boston Rock Radio.

*Authorized Agent (Manager, Label, PR ETC.) :

*Contact Info:


*ZIP FILE containing (Music, Bio, Artwork, CD Cover)

Notice:  by sending any material to Boston Rock Radio you acknowledge and/or consent to the following terms and conditions regarding consent for airplay.  

Terms & Conditions can be found at :


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