Shallow Side​ have announced initial tour dates in support of their upcoming release Saints & Sinners
Posted by NinaBRR on May 17 2019 19:00:00

Shallow Side​ Have Announced Tour Dates in Support Of Their Upcoming Release Saints & Sinners


Saints & Sinners originally was to be released worldwide on Friday, March 29th but was pulled down last minute as Eric Boatright vocalist explains "Wow, what a Rollercoaster this been to release our first full length album. While working to setup the “perfect” release with our team, we were approached by several major labels interested in putting the album out.​ We had to take a step back and consider the options so we, along with Thermal Entertainment decided to pull the album down. After weeks of talks and negotiations, we ultimately decided to stay the course with Thermal and release the album this summer.​ ​ It is a complete honor that these other labels are interested in the band and we will never close the door to opportunity but we owe our fans an amazing album so they will get one.”

The new date for the digital release is Friday, July 26th. The physical album will continue to be​ available at shows, the band's website​ and several online outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target).

The first single "SOUND THE ALARM​ is available for stream or download.​​ Eric Boatright recently blogged about the story behind the first single which can be read here:​ ​ Near Death Experience and Epiphany.​ ​ The song recently went to​ radio and​ a video will debut soon.

Tickets are now on​ sale at​