Ghoulunatics “Move Along” (Single) Video Review by Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on May 14 2019 07:08:30


Move Along” (Single)

Released April 26, 2019


Video Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Ghoulunatics have been brandishing their own style of metal since 1994. Hailing from Canada they have been delivering their mix of metal with hardcore and rocking stages for 25 years. “Move Along” is their first single since their last release Cryogenics in 2006. We are promised an EP in the upcoming year. So let's check the video out: 

You certainly get a sense of the good time they enjoy amongst their fans. It's definitely a video that pokes fun of our current zombie-like attachment to our phones. I have to agree because it's all I see when I go to a concert. I often wonder why the hell people pay for a concert only to spend it on their phones. Although I do get a photo or video of the bands I go watch, I put the phone down and enjoy and immerse in the music. 

We look forward to their upcoming EP and perhaps a full album review in the future from Boston Rock Radio.



Patrick Mireault (vocals)

Patrick Gordon (guitar)

Gary Lyons (bass)

Francis Dubois (guitar)

Brian Craig (drums)



2019 – Move Along !  Single + Video

2008 – The beast of….  Best of Compilation

2006 – Cryogenie   Album

2005 – Blood Curdling Years, double DVD

2004 – Sabacthany  Album

2004 – It’s a ive!   Live album

2001 – King of the Undead  Album

1998 – Carving into You   Album

1995 – Mystralengine  Album (reissued in 2000 by GWN records and 2002 by Galy records)


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