Invicta ' Halls Of Extinction' Review By Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on May 10 2019 05:23:41


Halls Of Extinction


Released: May 3, 2019

Album Review By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Now this was un-fucking real! Again, some kickass metal from my ancestral homeland of Canada. Some days I just want to keep driving north to where the weather suits my icy tastes and to check out the rich Canadian metal scene. Invicta are following their 2018 release of The Executioner with the monstrous Halls of Extinction It's a whole lot of death and thrash juices and amplified to an aural beast. 

The musicians are Kyle Edissi, Jonah Kay (who also recorded the album), Steven Rowlands (Unbowed), and Shareef Hassanien (Razor). They are currently touring Canada but my fucking metal gods, someone please bring them to the USA. Now I don't say this often but the entire album of Halls of Extinction is simply perfect. Every song packs a punch, all the riffs are crushingly brutal, the drummer sounds like a caged beast and yes, you can actually hear the lyrics. Hard to pick just one song that I loved over the others because the entirety is THAT good. So I'll go with the insidious sounding “Dark Side.” I just received the promo package today and I've been driving around terrorizing the local suburbs with this killer album. It's that badass. Check them out.

Invicta Canadian Extinction Tour:
May 7th - Sudbury, ON - The Asylum
May 9th - Thunder Bay, ON - Black Pirate Pub
May 10th - Winnipeg, MB - Windsor Hotel
May 11th - Saskatoon, SK - Black Cat Tavern
May 12th - Edmonton, AB - Rendezvous
May 13th - Nelson, BC - The Royal
May 14th - Kelowna, BC - Munnin’s Post
May 15th - Vancouver, BC - The Astoria
May 17th - Calgary, AB - Verns
May 18th - Regina, SK - Cloud 9
May 22nd - Toronto, ON - Cherry Colas
May 23rd - London, ON - Old East 765
May 24th - Windsor, ON - Dominion House
May 25th - Guelph, ON - DSTRCT