SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY 'A New Sensation' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on May 10 2019 05:09:03


A New Sensation 

Despotz Records 

Released: April 19, 2019

Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


After steeping myself neck deep in stoner/sludge/southern rock and doom all month, I have gained a new appreciation for a genre that I barely visited in the past. Satan Takes a Holiday continues my journey with their 60s/70s gritty yet groovy rock n roll.

These musicians have been rocking some stages in Sweden as well as parts of Europe and have played along with the likes of  KISS and Backyard Babies, among others. A New Sensation captures what it is all about- having fun, looking at the humor in life. This album truly gets you moving. It is chock full of groove-heavy riffs and romp along lyrics, the kind of stuff to reach for when you really need a lift. 

“Hell is Here” lends a heavy nod to punk rock traits, a genre that was if nothing, absolutely historical. Kind of makes you want to lace up your Doc Martens and have a good stomp. Again with a large hint of punk and a whole lot of tongue in cheek humor, “I Believe What I See (If I See it in My Feed)” is of course a mockery of those who believe everything they see on social media regardless if it's ridiculous or not. The music itself is composed of serious elements in spite of the humorous lyrics and you really come out with that dirty raw rock n’ roll flavor.



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