Electrocution 'Psychonalotrya' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley
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February 8, 2019

Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Electrocution is:

Mick Montaguti: vocals/guitar

Neil Grotti: guitar

Alessio Terzi: guitar

Mat Lehman: bass

Vellacifer: drums


Originating from Bologna, Italy is a tech death metal band Electrocution that have actually been around for quite some time (formed 1990). Founding and only original member Mick Montaguti has redeveloped the band with lineup changes to release Psychonolatry, their 3rd album. Electrocution has a potent foundation and technical ability with their version of thick heavy fast chaotic death metal. 

Psychonolatry features heavy labyrinthine compositions such as “Hallucinatory Breed” and “Of Blood and Flesh” that rush at you like a sudden severe storm. This is an album of excellent workmanship. The substance is all here. Blast beat- and cymbal-heavy drumming competes with tumultuous guitar work across fractured bar lines. Despite heavy compression, every instrument pops and repetitive listening at high volumes hasn’t induced any headaches.