Lullwater 'Voodoo' Album Review By Nina McCarthy
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February 22, 2019

By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio

What does a rock band do these days to get their name known amongst all the other hopefuls aiming for stardom? The Athens, Georgia rock/grunge band Lullwater released their debut album in 2012 and immediately began touring with well established acts such as Candlebox, Theory of a Deadman, and Flyleaf and have been hitting the road hard ever since. They seem to have some indication as to the answer to my question and only convince me more so with their latest and fourth album, Voodoo, which will be released February 22nd. 

With songs that will have people banging their heads, to other songs that will have them singing along, and perhaps some that will have people pushing on the gas pedal a little too hard, Voodoo has something for every rock lover. The band escaped their lives and spent time in New Orleans where the album was recorded and mixed by Swedish producer and engineer, Jakob Herrmann, along with co-producer/engineer Justin Davis. Voodoo certainly reflects the vibes and feelings of the environment and musicians that surrounded the band in NOLA, even incorporating some strings and horns, which is a beautiful touch! 

The album starts with some trippy sounding effects before breaking into “Curtain Call,” which is the the type of rock I expected to hear from these guys having a taste of them previously. “Empty Chamber” is the one song that will get people head bobbing and driving fast with it’s upbeat tempo, despite the depressive lyrics of emotional pain. “Godlike” reminds me of something you’d hear from Godsmack (ironically with “God” in the title) that has some exceptional guitar solos. “Fight Of Your Life” would be my choice for mainstream radio play without a doubt. “Yellow Bird” wins the award for the most catchy chorus... “Hope you feel like I do.” 

Lullwater have a style all of their own that mixes gritty southern-infused alternative rock with touches of grunge with modern energy and cleverness.  I even hear some subtle hints of of stoner/doom, especially in the final track “Suffer Not” which also has the same trippy atmosphere I heard in the opening notes of the album.

I’ve heard enough to suggest a bright future for this band. They are known for their “straight up, raw performances” and I hope to witness this, as they come through my area later this month. If you want to escape the heaviness of the world but want some energetic feel-good music, give Lullwater’s Voodoo a spin and keep your eyes on them.

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John Strickland - Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals 
Daniel Binnie - Lead Guitar 
Roy 'Ray' Beatty - Bass & Vocals 
Joseph Wilson - Drums & Vocals