BlackStar Republic “Nuclear Hollywood” Self-Released Song/Video Review by Ariana Leo
Posted by NinaBRR on February 06 2019 17:55:20

BlackStar Republic

“Nuclear Hollywood”


Song/Video Review by Ariana Leo, Photojournalist

Boston Rock Radio


Anyone who’s ever written off metal as “just a bunch of screaming” or worse, “the devil’s music” is about to be proven dead wrong...and right at the same time. Texas-based trio BlackStar Republic’s new song “Nuclear Hollywood,” released as the first single from their forthcoming (Spring 2019) sophomore album, is a creative and clever commentary on the modern music industry, accompanied by a brilliantly shot and directed music video that offers the viewer a look into...well, “nuclear Hollywood.”

The video’s opening scene, intense and full of the sort of drama that hooks you from the start, reads straight out of an underdog-trying-to-make-it-big movie. It transitions back and forth between shots of the band--Biggs (bass/lead vocals), Mykol (guitar/vocals), and Petey (drums)--slaying on their instruments amid burning trash cans in a decaying, graffiti-covered warehouse, and a young rocker in the making living the textbook Hollywood life, complete with the self-destructive fall from grace. The record producer who initially offered Mr. Rockstar the deal of a lifetime, an easy path to glitzy Hollywood fame, reappears at the end of the video as a scarred-faced demon, to sneer at her former star, who has already joined her in his own demonic state, “You did this to yourself.” He responds by throwing all remorse out the window and smiling proudly and devilishly into camera, synth chords ringing out. 

Biggs’ aggressive, in-your-face vocals, heavy drums and guitar, and jumps between major and minor chords give “Nuclear Hollywood” a purely metal feel, with a powerful message that will resonate with listeners just as much as the searing strings and driving rhythm. If the rest of the album follows suit, 2019 just might be the year for BlackStar Republic to make a name for themselves--okay, maybe a little differently than the video shows--in the underground metal scene.


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