Heart 'Live in Atlantic City' (remastered) January 25, 2019 By Tammy Carbonetto
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Live in Atlantic City (remastered)


January 25, 2019

By Tammy Carbonetto, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Heart's performance with iconic musicians for a celebratory night of music was first aired on VH1 Decades Rock Live in 2006. Audio has been mixed and re-mastered and is available now on LP/CD/DVD & Blu-ray.

The audio is great. The crowd is still heard in the background of the performance, which makes you feel like you're there living it with them.

What's so special about this performance aside from the magically sweet and gritty voices of Ann and Nancy Wilson? Carrie Underwood, Dave Navarro, Gretchen Wilson, and Rufus Wainwright were all players in the show. Duff McKagan and Alice in Chains joined Heart on stage as well for a very impacting performance. 

The show was ended with Barracuda, featuring all of the artists. What better way to end a show than with a song that has lasted the decades and with the friendships that music has pulled together over the years. Amazing performance overall.


Watch the onstage version of "Crazy on You" featuring guitarist Dave Navarro, HERE.

Full album available for download/streaming:



1. "Bébé Le Strange" (with Dave Navarro)
2. "Straight On" (with Dave Navarro)
3. "Crazy On You" (with Dave Navarro)
4. "Lost Angel"
5. "Even It Up" (with Gretchen Wilson)
6. "Rock 'n' Roll" (with Gretchen Wilson)
7. "Dog & Butterfly" (with Rufus Wainwright)
8. "Would?" (with Alice In Chains & Duff McKagan) *
9. "Rooster" (with Alice In Chains & Duff McKagan)
10. "Alone" (with Carrie Underwood)
11. "Magic Man"
12. "Misty Mountain Hop" (with Dave Navarro)
13. "Dreamboat Annie"
14. "Barracuda"
*CD and LP Exclusive
DVD and Blu-ray Also Include:
Bonus: Heart Confidentiala