Diamond Edge The Edge of the Stone Available now Album Review
Posted by WayneBRR on June 04 2018 08:43:47

Diamond Edge

The Edge of the Stone

Available now

Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist with Boston Rock Radio


There are so many reasons to love New Hampshire. Aside from its gorgeous untamed beauty it is a hot spot for some deliciously talented rock and metal. I introduce one in particular called Diamond Edge from Plaistow who have released an album The Edge of the Stone. The band is Tricia Dovidio (vocals, guitar, bass, songwriter), Bruce ‘Juice’ Dovidio (guitar,  vocals), Rik Hooper (drums, box expression) and session drummer Steve Turcotte. They describe themselves as vintage rock and after a few thorough listens, they bring it back 100%.


The Edge of the Stone is a hidden gem, an outstanding slice of hard rock with vocal talent to match. Tricia's edgy vocals matches well to the ass kicking heart stopping power of the band behind her. “Double Take” showcases raw riffs aka 70s or 80s concert style rock. Another standout track is “Most Wanted Man” that is complex in its utter simplicity with great flowing lyrics. “Extreme Velocity” again is masterful guitar work, pure high octane energy and synergistic chemistry. “The Edge of the Stone” slows things down just a bit and it's chock full of bluesy tones and sultry, soulful melodic vocals. “Hard Road Back to Innocence” has a Woodstock-worthy groove and the slight downtuning gives it a Sabbath-like touch. I am thoroughly grateful that classic style rock is still in its glory.