Dizzy Fox “Seems So Real” March 30, 2018 Song Review
Posted by WayneBRR on April 16 2018 08:21:30

Dizzy Fox

“Seems So Real”

March 30, 2018

Song Review by Allyson Kingsley Music Journalist with Boston Rock Radio


   Dizzy Fox is a sleaze/hard rock band hailing from Switzerland. Founded in 2016 and originally known as Bite, these guys kick some ass. The band is Dariolicious (vocals), Luke Stringwalker (lead guitar), Turfin’ Freddy (rhythm guitar), Raphael Stanley (bass) and Criss Iron (drums). I've said this before and I'll reiterate again that having grown up in the height of the hair metal/glam generation I have never lost my appreciation for the genre. Embedded in the sleaze/glam metal genre are many truly gifted artists and Dizzy Fox certainly deserve a seat at the head table.


Their latest recently released track “Seems So Real” contains everything precious about the genre. If you pick it apart, the guitarists are masterful with their fretwork, the drums and bass are in sync rhythmically and the vocals are edgy and rich and never falter. An excellent song and I can hardly wait to hear more. There will hopefully be an interview in the near future. In the meantime check out some of their work included in this review. Deliciously good.