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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Interview with Florida's Rockers Hell & Hollar By Ace Roland
      Interview with Florida's Rockers Hell & Hollar By Ace Roland

      Interview with Florida's Rockers Hell & Hollar

      By Ace Roland, Guest Contributor

      Boston Rock Radio


      Hell & Hollar is a rock band from South Florida featuring Blake Burns on guitar and vocals, Nate Largent on drums, Johnny Dusko on bass, and Mike McCleary multi instrumentalist.

      With new EP, 442and new single/video "Showdown," Florida's hottest stoner rock band is taking their sound and crushing the rock waves. Their single "Showdown" has made Loudwire's Weekly, Classic Rock's spin and Uber Rocks list. What is next? Read on to find out!



      AR: Who is Hell & Hollar? Tell us something about each of you.

      Blake Burns: H&H is a rock band of good friends. I myself am a surfer and green thumb enthusiast outside of music.

      Johnny Dusko:​ I'm Johnny Dusko, I play bass in the group. But besides just playing bass, I also enjoy making experimental music with synthesizers and other devices on my own.

      Ian Pattison:​ Born & raised in south Florida. Studio/Guitar gear geek. Musician for life.​


      AR: What is everyone's musical background? As you listen to the EP you hear a sound that seems solid.

      Blake B: I grew up playing guitar from a very young age and became obsessed with music. I took lessons very briefly and then continued teaching myself from then on. I still to this day cannot read music. But I have studied music theory on my own at home from time to time.​

      Johnny D:​ I grew up taking guitar lessons, switched to bass fairly quickly, then played upright bass in my high school orchestra. Did a few semesters at Berklee college of music. Played in a metal band in high school and a reggae band in college. So I'm kind of all over the place and it probably shows in my playing.

      Ian P:​ I started out about age 12 on the acoustic guitar learning all the cowboy chords and basics... shortly after Rock & Roll steered me to play electric. I've played with a few different genres from jam band, reggae, blues/rock, and acoustic singer-songwriters. Stoked to land a spot with Hell & Hollar playing Rock!


      AR: Can each band member recall the very first single or album they bought and why?

      Blake B: I can't remember the first one I bought, but I remember my parents giving me a Hendrix album when I was really young. It blew my mind and I knew what I wanted to do after that.​

      Johnny D:​ Probably a Rage Against the Machine album. Hearing Tom Morello making weird unidentifiable noises with his guitar is what made me kinda want to play music, to begin with.​

      Ian P:​ I can’t be certain but I think it was Green Day Dookie and probably because I heard it on the radio


      AR: If you really listen to the lyrics of "Showdown" there seems to be an underlying message.

      Blake B: There is. It's to put down your phones and computers from time to time and live your life before it's too late.​


      AR: In the video, the direction heads away from the lyrical content or does it?

      Blake B: It does. We didn't want to go to direct with it. Cam Brooks of Cam Brooks Creative came up with the idea to do a kind of spin-off of Cool Hand Luke. As to imply a showdown. We all loved the idea so we ran with it.​


      AR: Where was the video filmed and what went into creating it?

      Blake B: We filmed it here in Western Palm Beach, FL near all the farms. It's funny that we basically had the perfect look in our own backyard. That made it easy. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. Two days of shooting one of which was about 12 or more hours. We put the time in, that's for sure. Our friend, Brooks Buerk of Temple Martial Arts & Fitness in Delray Beach, came out with his badass El Camino for us and also played the prison bully. One of my best friends, Aaron Dea, played the warden and our good friend, Micah Perez, played the savior during the escape. Other than that we brought in model, Mariah Rivera, for the car wash scene. She did a great job. It was basically a group of friends that got together to make this happen and we all had a great time doing it. That all shows in the final product.​


      AR: How many scene changes were there, and how long was the process of filming?​

      Blake B: We did about 6 different scenes. Two full days and one extra meet up to shoot one last scene that only took a couple of hours.​

      AR: Where did you record and master the EP 442?


      Blake B: We recorded with our dear friends at Lust For Tone Studio in Nashville, TN. Chris Condon engineered and produced it with me. Danielle Colombo did the mix and master on it. Lust For Tone is a family for us here at H&H. We are lucky to have a working relationship with them in the studio as well as with Greg Simpson, who makes the LFT pickups and guitars that we get to play. We love working with them.


      AR: Why did you go with "Showdown" as your first release with a video?

      Blake B: It was the one that had what it takes to grab attention.


      AR: How hands-on are you when it does come to the whole process from inception to recording?

      Blake B: We are a family here at H&H. We all come up with ideas and go from there. We are all a part of the entire process. I wouldn't have it any other way.


      Johnny D:​ Most of the ideas will stem from Blake or an improvisation we all had. Although there are a few new tunes we've been playing live and working on that come from me. A lot of times when Blake has an idea I'll kind of help be the arranger and figure out a structure that we all agree on. With the recording last time in Nashville, we were on time constraints so me and Nate left after tracking drums and bass for 2 days, and all the guitars, vocals, etc. were done without us there. As much as I would have liked to be there, it was cool laying down the foundation and then later hearing it totally complete later.


      AR: What so far has been your favorite part of your musical journey and what is on the horizon the rest of this year?

      Blake B: The whole thing. Moments are fleeting and I find myself looking back all the time only to find that I am where I wanted to be then. So I try to just live in the moment and make every moment the best one. As far as the future goes, we have a lot of plans. Some different possibilities on the table right now, but more tours and new music is definite that I can say. We are working on a new record and looking to release some singles over the next year leading up to a full-length LP. We will also be on the road starting June 26th at The Hideaway in Johnson City, TN, then June 28th at Summerfest in Milwaukee WI on the Uline Warehouse stage, July 2nd at The Pour House in Raleigh NC, and July 4th at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta GA. We might be filling some dates as well so check with us on social media and our website​ hellandhollar.com​ to stay up to date.​

      Johnny D:​ I don't know exactly what's going to happen this year, but I have a feeling that favorite part is coming really soon! Really looking forward to playing Summerfest!

      Watch the "Showdown" video HERE.


      Catch Hell & Hollar Live:

      06/26 @ The Hideaway - Johnson City, TN

      06/28 @ Summerfest Uline Warehouse Stage - Milwaukee, WI

      07/02 @ The Pour House Music Hall - Raleigh, NC

      07/04 @ Smith's Old Bar - Atlanta, GA

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