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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Shawn Perry's "Lawnchair"​ Taking the Cue From Prince and Bowie Interview By April Lane
      Shawn Perry's "Lawnchair"​ Taking the Cue From Prince and Bowie Interview By April Lane

      Shawn Perry's "Lawnchair"​

      Taking the Cue From Prince and Bowie

      Interview By April Lane


      What does ten gallons of lemonade, the north shore of Lake Erie, former WWE wrestler Chris Kole, Corvettes, a frisbee, and a 95-degree day have in common? One thing musician, actor, and artist of many degrees, Shawn Perry and his single "Lawnchair.”



      April Lane: Looking over your involvement in music you have played a variety of styles. Can today's musicians you think be as diversified in what genres they try on?


      Shawn Perry: I think you kind of have to if you really want to reach a wide audience... that is really the reason I wanted to go the "solo" route with this project. I mean is there any style that David Bowie did not cover? I think the only band that ever successfully did that was Queen. Typically if you are a "band" record labels want to put you in a box and sell that box to the audience, again and again, every 24 months. I would like to sell folks a bigger better shiner box full of surprises every 24 months.


      April Lane: Would you consider this song "Lawnchair" to be country, pop, rock? Where does it land?


      Shawn Perry: The answer is yes to all three and that is the line I want to ride kind of like all of Prince's big hits. They were and still are to this day played on top 40, Urban Stations, and some rock stations.... It takes a real wizard to pull that off.... I mean did you ever really listen to the guitar work on when "When Doves Cry" or "Purple Rain?" Prince SHREDS!


      April Lane: In the video, you decked a person, maybe the euphemism for a boss? How true to life is that moment of had enough of work?


      Shawn Perry: Well the person who got clocked in in the video is former WWE wrestler Chris Koledo. He and I do darate together and I have punched him in the face so many times he probably doesn't even care anymore. The thing that was really impressive that didn't make it into the video was that he actually hit the asphalt and parking pylons FOR REAL! I mean he did it like ten times at least... he wanted to make it real as possible...he is the real hero of that shoot. As far as actually punching a boss... the only "boss" I ever even had to have the... "Listen, man, if you keep talking to me like that I am gonna kick your ass" conversation with was the music director at a place that I used to teach at. The guy was a super talented musician but unfortunately I don't think anybody ever taught him how to speak to other humans...students, staff, and from what I understand folks he has played in bands with. The guys could have a lot more friends including me but unfortunately he liked to belittle everyone around him; that is just something I won't tolerate. You give folks the respect you want back or eventually you are going to run into someone like me...an extremely nice guy...who has been trained to fold humans like a pretzel...and would take great pleasure rectifying the situation.


      April Lane: There was something in your vocal persona that reflected some John Cougar Mellencamp. Are you a fan of that midwest blend of rock?


      Shawn Perry: First let me say thank you so much for that compliment! I love John Mellencamp, that is one of the greatest compliments a midwest boy can get. Yes, that whole mentality has been pondered deeply in making my new album. John really set the standard making music that would hit the Rock, Pop, and Country markets... I call it Heartland Rock... but it could be Heartland Country, or Heartland Pop just as easily. I look at making music like this as if I were directing a Star Wars movie you wanna hit all four corners: Action, Drama, Comedy, and Suspense...I think you have to be an adult to REALLY appreciate it, but it appeals to kids. It celebrates all of the classic tropes of youth, and growing up...it is joyous, rebellious, a little bit naughty, and always holds hidden wisdom. I learned a lot of that from just listening to John Mellencamp. He was the master.


      April Lane: Where was the video filmed and what all went into creating it?


      Shawn Perry: We actually shot the video right down the street from my house in Vermilion, Ohio. They live right on Lake Erie, in late summer, when the water is really clear it can pass from someplace down south. I have had folks ask if we're in Florida...nope, Northcoast baby. Manm what went into creating it? I almost went to film school instead of music school, I am a complete nerd when it comes to making music videos. I usually storyboard things out as if we were making a movie. I did a few of those for the shoot and made shot lists and shooting script. Then my dudes Hunter and Evan at Blackvalve Media did all the dirty work. I mean we had a legit motion picture camera crane down on this guys beach and drones and a motion picture van with a camera chair on the side, when we were filming the stuff with the car. Iit was like watching the behind the scenes for back to the future...it was the same setup... it was so much fun.​


      April Lane: How many scene changes were there, and how many clothing changes?


      Shawn Perry: I think three outfits and technically four scene changes, then if you count all of the driving as one scene.


      April Lane: Was that really lemonade, traditional? Come on you can tell us.


      Shawn Perry: Yes it actually lemonade. I was going to make it from scratch but we had like 25 extras and the crew so I was like, “Forget that.” I believe it was Swiss brand all natural lemonade,​ I think we went through ten gallons of it. It was like 95 out that day, no clouds full sun. Sorry folks it was NOT spiked; you never give people being filmed real hooch.


      April Lane: What so far has been your favorite part of your musical journey and where are wanting to drive your next Corvette to?​


      Shawn Perry: Well having "Lawnchair" on the country charts has been nice, but I really like playing to big crowds. That is the rocket fuel that gets me through most days. My previous band got to play at some huge festivals like Rocklahoma so I am hoping to get this project real soon. We are playing the main stage and Harley Davidson Bike Week soon so that is on the right patch for mayhem.​ As far as driving my next Corvette to something, I am hoping to hook up a sponsorship with Chevrolet so that I can actually drive one for real. Other than that we are about to head to the studio to cut some new track for a new full length that will come out next year.


      Watch "Lawnchair on YouTube:


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