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Articles Home » Music Talk » Red Sun Rising Interview with Mike Protich By Nina McCarthy
Red Sun Rising Interview with Mike Protich By Nina McCarthy

Red Sun Rising

Interview with Mike Protich

By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Red Sun Rising’s goal is to tell stories through their songs and that they do beautifully. I was able to have a quick chat with Mike before soundcheck at The Palladium in Worcester, MA during their recent tour. See what he has to say about the new EP, Peel, why they picked a Beach Boys song to cover, and what’s in store for the future.



BRR: It is interesting because I was always a fan of your music but when I saw you guys a couple months ago in CT, I was blown away by the energy of the live show!

MP: Oh thanks.


BRR: Your recent press release has the quote, “We tour so we can play our music live.” Explain how extensive touring has been conducive to your creativity.

MP: I think it’s very important, especially with us being a band of 5 musicians, learning how to play with each other and feeding off each other’s energy, and also the crowds energy. When we go in the studio after touring for a long time, we think about those moments, like “How would the crowd react to this moment when we play it live?” and that goes into our recording process; so I think it is very important to play a lot and feed off that and learn from it.


BRR: Since you do tour extensively, what is your go to snack/drink for energy on tour?

MP: For energy we have Death Wish Coffee, which we always have They are always hooking us up, so we appreciate that very much. We try to keep it healthy, bananas, avocados; I always drink Pedialyte for hydration. We try to eat healthier. Some fans will bring us stuff, like we have Cadbury Eggs right now. That’s a little indulgent but we love that. We try to eat as healthy as possible and we go to the gym a lot and try to take care of ourselves.


BRR: Planet Fitness, like most bands?

MP: Yes! I tell every band about that. It’s like $10 a month and you can get a shower whenever you want.


BRR: Right! And they are everywhere. Let’s talk about the 4 track acoustic EP, Peel you released on March 22. First of all, tell me about the significance of the name.

MP: It kind of just came up in conversation. First of all, we just kind of want to peel back the layers of our own songs and really showcase the textures that we built into the songs that you can’t really hear that well, or you may not be able to hear as well, on the fully produced, loud rock version. So when we peel back those layers, you can hear all the intricacies of the song and that also led us to the conversation about The Beatles and Beach Boys, how they had these simple pop songs, but when you listen and peel back their layers, you realize how much more complicated the chords were and the voicings were, and the harmonies, which is another reason why we chose the Beach Boys for our EP.


BRR: That was my next question...How did you decide to cover “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys? But, yeah, I love how you guys harmonize. You seem to pick really cool covers like “Uninvited, which was fantastic. Now the other 3 songs on Peel are new versions of previously recorded songs from your last two albums. They are beautifully done, completely stripped down, really showcasing your voice. What made you decide to choose these particular songs for the EP?

MP: We kind of just tried a couple songs and the ones that were just naturally flowing, we just stuck with those. “Left For Dead” for instance, that was a song that I wrote and I wrote three different guitar parts for it and we made all those guitar parts work on the record, but we wanted a version where we could really show how much texture and depth there really was to that song. I’m glad we got to do that one. “Blister” was one that we were playing stripped down like that live, so we figured we might as well get in there and record it. That was really me and Dave and a guitar in one room, recording it in one take all the way through.


BRR: I enjoyed the percussion on the EP as well.

MP: Yeah, we had all hand percussion, especially on “The Other Side.”


BRR: “The Other Side” is my favorite song on there.

MP: Thank you. It was fun.


BRR: Being stripped down like that, they sound like completely different songs.

MP: That’s what we wanted!


BRR: Thread has been out for a year now and you have this new EP and are in the middle of a tour….what’s next for RSR?

MP: We are recording a lot right now. We record on the road as much as we can, just demos. And after this and soundcheck, I’ll probably head back in there and be writing; I have a little recording set up in here (on the bus). Then just getting out there as much as we can so we are prepared for what’s next. I’m sure we’ll be doing another record soon. I don’t know when that will be, but I guess when we are ready, but there is a plan. We’re writing right now, so there is a plan of putting new music out.


BRR: That’s great that on the road with the downtime you can keep writing and recording everything.

MP: Exactly 

BRR: I know you have to get in there for soundcheck, so I’ll let you go. Do you have anything else you’d like to conclude with?

MP: I would say, go to our website redsunrisingmusic.com and check out our tour dates and come see us.


BRR: Great! Now readers...go do that! I’ve seen RSR twice in the last 3 months, and it’s a great live show! If you missed them this tour, they will be back. Make sure to buy the new EP in the meantime!



Official Website

Peel rendition of “Left For Dead”

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