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BOBAFLEX Interview



Interview with Shaun McCoy about Bobaflex’s new release, Eloquent Demons


By:  Nina McCarthy, Senior Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


(Photo courtesy of Bobaflex)



Marty McCoy - guitar / vocals
Shaun McCoy - guitar / vocals
Dave Tipple - guitar / vocals
Tommy Johnson - drums
Jymmy Tolland - bass



BRR:  Last time I interviewed you, you gave me a little lesson in smoothie making on the tour bus in Hartford.  Thanks for taking the time again today to catch up.


SM:  No problem.  My pleasure.


BRR:  Since May, you recorded and released your eighth studio album, Eloquent Demons (Thermal Entertainment LLC)  I know it was just released August 25th, so what has been the response and reviews so far?


Eloquent Demons


SM:  It has been the best reviews we've gotten in our career. There's been barely any criticism at all. Even MetalSucks didn't tear the single apart.  They normally don't like the straight rock and I'm surprised they didn't crucify us because we're not their genre, but they even gave us props.  At first I thought maybe these were just fans giving reviews but then there was another side that said they had written us off years ago and hadn't been listening.  They were surprised by how solid a rock record it was, so it was cool.  We originally were going to do an EP, but I hated to do that to the fans that have been waiting for years, and just put out five songs.  At the eleventh hour in the Spring, we decided to see if we could write like a short Black Sabbath album with eight or nine tracks.  So we were writing all the way into May and rehearsing together and said, “ Let's see what we can pull off,”  and man, the songs came together.  Some of them we did a lot of writing and changing in the studio because the songs were so neutralist and then it just exceeded our expectations and we pulled off a record.  The pressure was on all summer.  I was literally taking my daughter and torturing her at our rehearsals.  She put her earbuds in and sat for four hours a day while we wrote, but I had to.  We had to really kick it in gear this summer but we were really excited and l happy.


BRR:  I've read reviews and heard people say it was your best album yet, and I'd have to agree.  You had your CD release party at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio.  How was that?


SM:  It was excellent.  We had over 1,000 people there.  We packed the place.  We hadn't played that club in forever.  We actually took billboards out ourselves and we had a lot of fans we don't normally get to see because it was an all ages show.  What made it a pretty glorious moment was I had my daughter and my mom and dad, and my buddy's twin sister came and everyone's families were there, so it was really a night to remember. It went great.  Our fans bought tons of merch and t-shirts. We worked out a great deal with the club.  It was a door deal and we won on the door deal.  It was an all out success.


BRR:  That's great.  It's always special when your kids can be there.  I read a review of that show and it mentioned that it was a 9 year old boy’s first concert and he had a blast and there pictures of that online.  I thought that was cute.


SM:  Yeah, it was very cool.  We have fans of all types, size, color, shape, age.  It always baffles me when I get a 10 year old with a t- shirt on and then I'll get a guy from like Somalia who loves the band.  There's just so many different types of fans.


BRR:  The cover art is pretty cool.  The band is cartooned into demons.  Whose creation was that?


SM:  That is a famous comic artist from Columbus named Kyle Hotz.  I've known about him and we friended each other on Facebook.  He's pretty famous.  He did all kinds of comics and he does Comic Con and commission work.  Everybody is always trying to pay him to do illustrations.  I hit him up and he said “Yes!” within a day and I was like, “ Oh my God!”. So I kind of geared him saying I wanted us all as demons in tuxedos, to our likeness and have us in a Victorian age like study holding a pose like we're doing a selfie, and man, he just nailed it!


BRR:  Yeah. It's amazing and looks just like you guys. I know you're a comic fan too.   Now, “Eloquent Demons” is an oxymoron.  What was the inspiration behind the name?


SM: Who says demons can't be eloquent? Haha. Yeah, we wanted a classic finesse or beauty themed word coupled with something fierce or hard. Like Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, The Pretty Reckless. Also, it represents all musicians to women. They're good at eloquently stating their love and promises to you. Most do, but dealing with dating or marrying musicians you'll soon realize you're with a demon, dramatic, addicted to drugs, sex, alcohol, attention, volatile, bipolar, you name it.  It can feel like there's a demon in your life. Tour CAN make a musician crazier than he already is.


BRR:  Yes, I've dated musicians. You're absolutely right. My best guy friend, who is also a musician, tells me, “We're a rare breed.  Avoid us!”   So, I try to avoid them now.  It's just hard when that's pretty much your social circle though.  But go on...


SM:  The eloquence also represents the delivery of the beautiful harmonies and poetic lyrics.  Demons is obviously the aggressiveness of the music and harsher subject matter like murder, death of a family member and alcoholism.

BRR:  What made you guys decide to cover “Hey You” by Pink Floyd?

SM:  My brother and Tommy have been huge Floyd heads since we were kids. Marty used to record the song on a four track in Junior High! So it was those two; I take no credit and sang background vocals. The rest of the session I drank beer and annoyed the other guys by yelling out, " I didn't feel that last take. Mean it man, really mean it."


[The cover of Pink Floyd's,  “Hey You,” video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/rm5eWLXW6l4]

BRR;. It did come out amazing though. You can't deny that.   Now,  “Long Time Coming” is the other single released from the album. What made you decide to keep the video simple?  It's just the band playing behind a black backdrop, for those who haven't seen it.

SM:  Time and money. We were still recording the record when we filmed it!  So filming a mini movie wasn't happening. The album consumed the summer. Next video will be extravagant, I promise!

BRR:  The song “Real Sadness” shows a darker sad side to Bobaflex.   I know it means a lot to your fans.  I've seen a lot of comments about that.  Tell me about the inspiration and writing of that song.

SM: There was a guy in our hometown who lost a child a year ago. On the anniversary of the child's death he killed himself. The guys put that into perspective to our own lives.  Our own tribulations and problems seemed minuscule compared to that man's real sadness. The guys damn near wrote the whole song in a day.

BRR:  That's a horrible story that led to a very touching song.   Bobaflex plays well over 100 shows a year. How do you keep your energy up?

SM:  The gym everyday, real food and not drinking every show!  I am actually at the gym now doing this interview.  We have cleaned up our act by 50%! LOL


BRR:  On New Year's Eve you'll be playing in your hometown of Columbus, OH at the Alrosa Villa.  For interested fans, tickets are available on Ticketmaster for this event.


SM:  Yes, and that will probably sell out pretty fast.


BRR:  I wish I could go to that, but it's pretty far from Rhode Island.  I've seen you live a few times already and I'll be seeing you again in December when you come back to Rhode Island.  You are actually playing a pretty small club here, which will be interesting.


SM:  The bar food is by far the best in Rhode Island than anywhere else in the country.  Especially the clam chowder.  It's not that fake red stuff.  


BRR:  That's interesting.  As far as chowder, we have the true New England style. Well, I'll let you get back to your workout, but Eloquent  Demons is phenomenal. Congratulations on the release and I look forward to seeing you this winter!


SM:  Yeah, definitely come hang out on the bus with us.


Make sure to pick up the new album if you haven't and catch a show near you!




A special thank you to Doug Weber of Thermal Entertainment, LLC for making this interview possible.  


♡Boston Rock Radio September 2017♡



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