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Saliva Interview


Interview with founding member Wayne Swinny and Vocalist Bobby Amaru

By:  Nina McCarthy, Senior Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio

(L-R)  Lead guitarist Wayne Swinny, Lead vocalist Bobby Amaru, Nina, and bassist Brad Stewart. (Drummer, Paul Crosby, not pictured)

When you think of the band Saliva, most people think of the song “Click Click Boom,” but there is so much more to this American rock band that formed in Memphis,Tennessee in 1996.  See what Wayne and Bobby have to say about Bobby as the new vocalist, touring, and upcoming new music.

BRR:  Thanks for giving me this time tonight before the show.  I really appreciate it.  So, you initially formed in 1996.  I know you're an original member Wayne, but Bobby, you joined in 2012 as lead vocalist?

BA:  Basically.

BRR:  How has the stage presence changed once Bobby joined the lineup?

BA:  I would say it was almost like a re-energizing I would think.  There was a lot more movement going on.

WS:  Very much so.  For lack of a better term, it re-energized all of us having Bobby on stage; someone excited to be there.  It was like starting all over again without having to start all over again.

BA:  It still is!  I've been with them since about December of 2011, so this year it will be six years and from then until now there's definitely a huge difference.

WS:  I still think we're getting better.

BRR:  I had never seen you live so I'm really excited.  Bobby, how was it joining an already established successful band?  Did you find that a challenge?

BA:  The groundwork was already laid out basically.

WS:  Tell her about our work ethic. (laughing). We went out, first tour...

BA:  Yeah, the night before the first show on a three week run they said, “ Let's do a rehearsal.”  They set everything up and we played like seven songs of a twelve song set.

WS:  We didn't even do the whole set and we said, “We got this.”

BRR:  I've heard that happen before where someone is just thrown out there.  I hope you had done your homework at least, Bobby.

WS:  It turned out that Bobby knew the songs better than we did!

BA:  I think that's rock ‘n roll.  You just have to go up there and do it.  It either works or it doesn't work.

BRR:  That's true.  Your last release, Love, Lies, and Therapy chronicles the struggles of addiction, which is very prevalent now, obviously in musicians as well as everyday households.  Can you give me a little insight into the inspiration and lyrics on that?

BA:  We wrote a bunch of songs and we had some setbacks in the process because we had to keep touring, as well, to survive.  We started writing this song, went and toured, wrote a few more songs and a year later we had a record finally.  Originally, we were going to do the record in the first two months, but I'm glad we didn't do it that way because we would have rushed it and there are certain songs that came later in the year.  I guess the best way to describe it is, it's a part of everyday life, “love lies and therapy.”  It's not the concept for the record but I think lyrically on the songs, that title jumped out and just seemed the best fitting at the time.  There's a lot of relationship and addiction issues that everyone goes through.

WS:  Truth in advertising, so to speak.

BRR:  You're currently writing new material for another album.  What can you tell me about that?

BA:  It's kick ass, in your face, balls to the wall.  We always get excited about new stuff, but this in particular feels like we something that's just going to blow right through the speakers.

BRR:  Nice.  You have to keep up with the ever changing industry.  Is it true you are going to be releasing a new single in August?

WS:  That's the plan, so fingers crossed.

BRR:  Can you tell me anything else about the single?

WS:  It will be approximately 3 minutes long... That's about it.

BA:  But we're excited.

WS:  I think that has been our main thing since day 1, that we are all really excited about the material we got. Like Bobby said, every band says, “This is our best record yet.”.   But, this one is heavy and is definitely rock, no holds barred.

BRR:  (The new single, a cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” has since been released as of Sept. 22nd and can be found on Itunes and Google Play)





BRR:  I can't wait!  You're currently on the “Only the Sickest Survive Tour.”  How has it been going?

BA:  It's been awesome.  It's been great!  All the shows have been great.  We're doing five in a row and then two off, and repeat that three more times, so we have 20 shows.

BRR:  What do you do to keep your energy up through all that?  I do see your big box of alcohol there.  (Eyeing the gallon jug of Fireball!)

BA:  I have to sleep a lot.

BRR:  Yeah, you have to rest your voice.  I've heard that from a lot of vocalists that sleep is the best to rest it.

WS:  Singers really do have to be careful because their instruments are attached to their body.  Guitar players, drummers, we can run around like idiots, but Bobby has to watch himself.

BRR:  Have you had any crazy stories on this tour?

WS:  The craziest thing is that there hasn't been anything crazy yet.  Usually by now there would have been a boatload of all night parties.

BA:  Well you haven't hung out with me yet tonight. (laughing). But seriously, not even in Laconia?

WS:  No.  There were a couple people up in here that got a little crazy.  Maybe, one of them might have been me, but I'm not sure.  I don't remember.

BRR:  You look like the troublemaker, Wayne.

WS:  Agh, I can be.  But there's people going to the gym and stuff.  Working out is the new drugs. Everybody knows that if you party all the time, you're either going to die or you're not going to last.  Musicians have kind of learned from watching everyone else.  You've got to take care of yourself a little bit, or it won't last that long.

BRR:  Exactly.  Sleep is my thing.  So, do you have any favorite cities or venues that you like to play?

BA:  My driveway.  But I would say, there have been a lot of great venues that we played.  Sturgis is fun.  Machine Shop is always great.  I can't believe I'm not wearing a Machine Shop shirt now.  That's gotta be #1.

BRR:  I've never been there but plan to someday.  Every band raves about it.

WS:  It's a bucket list type of show.  You have to go see your favorite band when they play there type of thing.

BRR:  I live in Rhode Island so it's not exactly around the corner.  I'm a little over two hours from here (Haverhill, MA) and it took me three and half with traffic.  Someday!  Tell me what are three things you cannot tour without?

WS:  Fireball and water...oh and baby wipes.

BA:  Tic Tacs, Crown Royal, and black socks.

BRR:  It's funny, I was going to bring you guys socks because I know how you guys just throw them away and buy more.  So many musicians have said socks are always needed on tour...but I was running late, so you're not getting any tonight.  Besides lots of socks, do you guys have any advice for up and coming local bands?

WS:. Go back to college.  Stop being competition for us.  Be prepared.

BA:  Find people that are as driven as you.  And, you can't think your band is the next fucking Van Halen.

WS:  You have to be the most focused, stubborn, anal person and very self aware and self assured without being egotistical.  There's so many things that go into it, but practice enough and be good enough.

BRR:  That's a hard balance!  And I think being nice to your fans too.

WS:  Everybody had bad days, but we kind of police each other. But you've gotta be nice.  

BRR:  What did you do all day in Haverhill?  This nothing here.  

BA:  We actually went and got lunch in Hampton Beach (NH).

BRR:  That's good. That's beautiful there.  Well, that's all the questions I have.  Let's get on with the show!  I'm dying to see you live!

After show shots!

A special thank you to Holly at IL SISTEMA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC for making this interview possible and to Dominique from Trixie's Tripod for the use of some of her photos.

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