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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Bravo Delta Interview with Brandon Davis By Nina McCarthy
      Bravo Delta Interview with Brandon Davis By Nina McCarthy

      Bravo Delta

      Interview with Brandon Davis

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio



      Bravo Delta from Las Vegas, NV is comprised of Brandon Davis (vocals/guitar), Andy Ingraham (guitar), Brian Scott (drums), & Roman (bass). The band released their first full length album Unbreakable on February 1st, 2019. The band is known for energetic live shows, gritty rhythmic guitar, and socially conscious lyrics.


      BRR: Let’s start with an introduction of the band and a little musical background on yourself.

      BD: Bravo Delta has been a band for, I guess, going on seven years now. There were several of those seven years that there wasn’t much happening because of circumstances and such. The way it all kind of started was, I was playing solo acoustic shows around the midwest in 2010 after a band I was in that was signed to an indie label that had folded. An opportunity had arisen for me to come out to southern California and work on a side project with Marcos Curiel from P.OD. and some other guys. That only lasted a short time before P.O.D. decided that they wanted to go back out and hit it hard again, so our side project went to the wayside and I was back working on Bravo Delta. I had a friend named Andy Ingraham that lived in the midwest and found out he was moving out to Los Angeles, so of course I hit him up and he decided to work on this new project, Bravo Delta, and we went off to the races. That was about seven years ago. Since then, we have put out two 5-song EPs, a couple of singles, and we just put out our first full length album on February 1st. We are very excited about it. We had never done a full length album, so we wanted to go down that route and be really creative with it. 


      BRR: How would you compare the sound of Unbreakable to the previous two EPs? 

      BD: It is definitely a more developed sound and that is the feedback we are getting from a lot of people that hear it that are familiar with the band’s older material. For us, the making of the album itself was three years, which is crazy to think about. We started tracking it three years ago and originally we were just going to release singles. At that time, everyone in the industry had short attention spans and wanted the what’s new type of thing, so they said to just put out singles on a regular basis, so that was kind of our plan. Literally, a few songs into tracking our drums, our drummer had his appendix rupture and he had complications and surgery. Then I had my first child, so it was kind of roadblock after roadblock. For us it was a daunting task to finish it. The band kind of slowed down and we weren’t sure what was going to happen. I was personally going through psychological stuff, like “Do I want to continue to play music? The industry is tough.” In that three years it kind of allowed us to really sit on these song, work on them and be creative and I think it shows.


      BRR: I’m glad it came to see the light, because it’s a great album. The band bio says you are known for socially conscious lyrics. What was your approach to the songwriting on this album?

      BD: I was asked about this from Frosty on the Heidi and Frank show and he wanted to know if I was preaching to people. But, no! By that, I mean we talk about stuff, whether it’s political or other societal things, not just ‘my girlfriend broke up with me’ or ‘I hate my dad’ or ‘let’s do drugs and party all night.’ Those things are great and we’re all about that, but at the end of the day, we want to kind of leave a legacy and 30 or 40 years from now when someone listens to our music be like, “Wow, these guys are intellectual and thinkers.” The people I look up to, like Maynard James Keenan and Brandon Boyd and Dustin Kensrue from Thrice, are all these great lyricists and guys that tell stories and talk about things, so we just want to kind of fall into that same category.


      BRR: It makes it timeless. Why did you chose the title track “Unbreakable” as your first release and what message do you hope to get across with it?

      BD: That’s a great question. We just felt that creatively and musically it had something different. From the first time that you hear that song and you hear Andy’s guitar tapping, delay-ic type of thing, it catches you. Musically we thought it was very interesting and very grabbing and kind of had that approach. As far as lyrically, Las Vegas has been through a lot in the last year and a half to two years, so we kind of dedicated the song and the album to our city, and even our struggle with what we went through as a band and surgeries and almost not even being a band--”we’re unbreakable.” Together, at the core of it, we’re still out here fighting and we “got kicked down but we got back up and we are rising.” It’s a really strong message and we wanted that to be the champion of the album so the creative artwork, the album cover, the CDs all have that same kind of flow. That was our attempt, so we hope that people get it.


      BRR: Always a good theme to have something that everyone can relate to in some aspect of their lives.

      BD: Absolutely, We wanted it to be an anthem, whether it’s in a relationship, in a family, a job, sickness, or whatever situation, we’re fighting, we’re alive and kicking and pushing through it kind of thing.


      BRR: If anyone can relate to that, it’s me for sure! Can you tell me about the production side of the album?

      BD: We’re fortunate enough to have our own studio in Las Vegas, so we are able to write and track at our leisure and work on things such as different sounds and tones and so forth. We also have an amazing guy named Andrew Cap that owns a little mixing and mastering studio in LV called Funky Jelly Studios, so he’s the one that did the mixing and masteringing for the majority of the album. We tracked and engineered it all ourselves. There is a song called “Karma” and a song called “Knights of Desire” on the full length that were mixed and mastered by a guy named Derek Taylor in Texas. As far as the the production stuff, that’s who did it, and again we tracked it here in Las Vegas. We didn’t use any producers or extra songwriter credits or anything, it’s just us and we are really excited about that.


      BRR: Are you finding inspirations for songs easier to come by as you continue to grow as a band? 

      BD: Absolutely, as a band and individually. We’re all growing and going through different things. Me, personally, I have two beautiful kids so they are a huge inspiration to me. I think the past three years and coming up to this point, we were all together at NAMM and we have already toured a lot and will be touring a lot, so all of that plays a part into developing our chemistry and our sound in general.


      BRR: What are your touring plans for the new album? 

      BD: We are trying to get through this month and next month and get the album out. We just attended the Vegas Music Summit, which is a showcase in Vegas where we showcased for some labels and other industry types. The end of March we are going to be hitting San Diego and Phoenix and a couple other markets. We’re going to do some regional stuff there and then in June, we’re going to hit probably 12-14 days across the midwest, spanning from as far west as Nevada and as far east as Ohio. We’re working on putting that together. We’ll be announcing that on our social media in the next month or so.


      BRR:  Then you will have to get out to the northeast, to New England because that’s where I am.

      BD: That’s our plan. For us, we have a great team and radio promotion that is pushing Unbreakable to as many as terrestrial stations, internet radio stations, and we also have a wonderful PR staff as well. We are throwing as much out there as we can and trying to see what sticks and what connections we can make out there and which market we get spins in, and we can target those markets and go there. We will need your help, definitely, posting it out there in the Boston area, but we would definitely like to get out there. As a matter of fact, Andy our lead guitar player graduated from Berklee in Boston and he loves it out there. He’s a Red Sox and Patriots fan, so we’d love to get out there.


      BRR:  Awesome. I like him already!  Previously we only played independent music, but we are now currently a fully reporting station, so we are expanding like crazy and will be playing Unbreakable.

      BD: We would love that!


      BRR: Do you have any final message for our readers?

      BD: I would say, pick up the album. It’s on Amazon, Spotify, all streaming services and  retailers where music is sold. We have the physical CD and a ton of other merch options at our store at bravodeltamusic.com and just stay in touch with us at @bravodeltamusic.


      BRR: Great and the video is out for “Unbreakable” too.

      BD: Yes, go watch that for sure. [The video for single “Unbreakable” is live on YouTube.]


      BRR: I appreciate your time, Brandon, and I’ll let you get back to all your interviews today. 

      BD: Thank you so much. I appreciate your time and would love to connect with you soon.



      Also, newly released video for “Virus” can be seen HERE.

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