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Articles Home » Music Talk » Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Interview By Nina McCarthy
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Interview By Nina McCarthy

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

Interview By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Photos by Michael LaFleche

Boston Rock Radio


(Warning: This interview contains explicit language and adult humor.)

On December 28, 2018 I had the honor to sit down with legendary guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (formerly of the Misfits) after seeing his horror based hard rock/metal solo project “DOYLE.” Doyle is known to be a man of few words while interviewing so I took a different approach with some unique questions and had a good laugh with the monstrous Doyle.


BRR: First of all, before I begin, I want to know how your makeup doesn’t run at all when you sweat like that?

D: Ma’am, I am a professional and I will not reveal my secrets.

BRR: I know you’ve been interviewed a million times and are always asked the same questions, so I decided to take a different approach and ask you some unique and personal questions.

D: We’ll see how that goes. 

BRR: After working with Glenn Danzig you find yourself needing a lyricist and vocalist for a bunch of material you wrote. How challenging was the search and how did you come upon Alex “Wolfman” Story?


D: I put ads on Tinder and...No, I put ads in like New York Rocker and The Revolver in LA for a singer and I got all these audition tapes, CDs actually, and the only one I actually listened to the whole way through was his. Every other one, as soon as the guy started singing it went in the garbage. There were a couple of big names on there, which I won’t mention. I had come home from working at the machine shop and it was a bizillion degrees out and I’m covered in oil and I just wanted to shoot myself. I had one of those under the countertop CD players in the kitchen so I looked at his CD, put it in and laid my head on the counter and just stood there. I didn’t move for 19 songs! I was like, “Wow, that was fucking great!” It was like Cancerslug songs and there were 19 of them. Then he sent another CD to Blasko (Rob “Blasko” Nicholson), who plays in Ozzy now, I think. He had put an ad out too, just to help me out and he sent me the tape he received as well but it was 19 different songs. I listened to that and was like, “Jesus Christ! How the fuck?”


BRR: That’s crazy! When your name is still mentioned in the hallways of Lodi High School, what do you think is said?


D: I don’t think they do. They didn’t like me very much.


BRR: They probably talk about you now.

(Alex comes into the room and is changing his shirt and says, “With great disdain.”)

BRR: Besides working out, what do you do when you are by yourself?

D: Masterbate.

BRR: I had a feeling that was going to be the answer. I guess I set myself up for that.

D: Well, when you are alone, what the fuck are you going to do?

BRR:  This could be the same answer, but here it goes...when you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

D: I put Cancerslug in and I listen to that and it makes me feel better.

BRR: That’s better….but do you masterbate to Cancerslug?

D: I can’t masterbate to Cancerslug because Alex is singing, ya know.

BRR: What’s the first thing you do when you get home from a tour?

D: Unpack this shit. It takes hours to unpack this bus.

BRR: What is one little known fact about you?

Alex: He’s got an enormous penis. It goes all the way down to his ankle. It’s kind of freakish. It’s like an elephant trunk or a horse cock. I don’t know how there is enough blood in his body for that thing.

D: (Laughs) Yeah, that’s the answer. I also had a gorilla ass, but they had to cut it off.

BRR: When you were onstage, I was thinking that’s the nicest ass I’ve seen on a 50 year old man.

D: Actually, I started counting backwards, 49, 48, and I’m actually 45 now.

BRR: I understand. I’m still 21.

D: You look 21.

BRR: If you were guaranteed to be successful in a different profession, what would you want to do?

D: When I was a kid I wanted to be an athlete but I realized I’m not as freakish as those people are. Plus, I’m only half black so I can’t run as fast as them.

BRR: If you had to either shave your head or dye all of your hair pink, which would you choose?

D: Pink. I’ve had it pink before. I was the first person to go to school with pink hair in 1978 and I got kicked out. You can Google that. It’s true.

BRR: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

D: Not at this venue. I’m still going to be doing this but I want to play theaters. Do you know how hard it is for us to play on that small piece of shit stage? My assholes bigger than that.

BRR:  I was waiting for you to bang your head on the ceiling.

D: That was last night at The Foundry in Philadelphia.

BRR: You’ve been doing this since high school. What advice do you have for the younger ones today that may want to become professional musicians?

D: I will give advice to guitar players. Do not sit in your room learning G-clefts and arpeggios and all that horseshit. Study song structure. Learn how to write great songs. Get a great singer, have a great look, and perform great. You don’t have to be able to play all that bullshit, I know two chords and everything I play is with that. I don’t know anybody else's songs. I can’t figure out anybody else’s songs. All I know is what I play.

BRR: Do you have anything upcoming in the future you’d like to plug?

D: There is nothing that I can say is booked. We’re working on festivals in Japan and South America though.

BRR: Thank you very much for your time. I know you’re exhausted from this tour and you still have the VIP Meet & Greet to do tonight.

D: I’m just over this tour. I’ve been over it for like 2 weeks.

BRR: It’s almost over. I’m glad I finally got to meet you though, so thank you for coming to Providence, RI.


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