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Release(r) Interview By Mindy Stevenson

Release(r) Interview

By Mindy Stevenson, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Release(r) recently released their debut EP Retox. This four piece rock band with their genuine lyrics and solid sound come to us with a short display of musical confession. Their previously released single “Taking Over” is on this album and frankly fits right in with the rest of the EP. Both the single “Taking Over” and the EP were produced by Nick Radovanovic (Acceptance) who has worked with such artists as Skillet, Fire Flight, Melissa Etheridge, and Stone Sour. This experience in production shows. And though I still stick with my original statement from my last review that they do have a sort of stereotypical rock sound, the songs keep your attention and are heavily catchy. (Read my full album review HERE.)



BRR: As an emerging artist, we would like to take this opportunity and ask a few questions for our readers. Congratulations on your debut EP! What was the inspiration behind this EP?

Andre: To write, create, and expose our true selves. 

Jeremy: Perhaps to scratch a creative itch we’ve all been trying for quite some time, in many different situations, to relieve. Until now. 

Stephen: I just had some half written songs laying around that I thought had a ton of potential. The subject matter happens to reflect upon a dark time in my life.

BRR: Any stories you would like to share that inspired any of the tracks?

Stephen: I mean, how far down the hole do you wanna go? “Taking Over,” “Crash Burn Incinerate,” and ‘Miserable Life” were written about a time when I was drinking myself into the fucking ground. All my friends around me were vocal about how much they worried about me. Insert pills/drugs, and the time just blend into a distant hazy memory.

BRR: How was Release(r) formed?

Andre: Stephen Richard Mueller came out of the shadows with a message. And that message was delivered after finding Jeremy Duane and myself. The collective came to be through local shows in Chicago and once placed in a single room together, the energy and cohesiveness was undeniable. A band was destined to be... 

Stephen: The cohesiveness was definitely undeniable. I approached Duane and Andre with some songs. They help put them together. Enter Jeremy a year later on bass, who was a high school friend. Once he got a hold of the songs, he fucking exceeded my brain on what a song could turn into with a little extra effort. Dude wants to turn every stone. He’s our secret weapon.

BRR: I have to ask… Where did the name Release(r) come from?

Andre: To build off Jeremy mentioning a scratch desperately needing to be itched, the name reflects on releasing any and all tension built up inside our souls. The ability we have to expose and explode our insides through music is a blessing we no longer can keep to ourselves and hopefully will inspire others to fight for what they love and to burn through any painful addictions or monotonous behaviors. 

Stephen: Well said. 

BRR: What artists have influenced your writing and music?

Stephen: Face to Face, Strung Out, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker, The Juliana Theory, Samiam.

Jeremy: Petty, Oasis, Badfinger.

Andre: Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode, Onerepublic, Aerosmith, Queen. 

BRR: How did y’all get started in music?

Stephen: My brother showed me a few chords on guitar when I was 8. I’d then borrow his guitar and amp every night, and he’d take them back in his room every night. Eventually he stopped and they just stayed in my room.

Jeremy: Like father like son, for me.

Andre: Seeing Depeche Mode at the Rosemont horizon at an early age. 

BRR: What can we find you doing when you aren’t playing music or writing?

Jeremy: Rehearsing.

Andre: Attending local shows or events in the city and supporting our fellow artists.

Stephen: I enjoy going to the gym, as well as going to local shows.

BRR: I love the new album. How have your fans reacted to it?

Jeremy: We’ve been overly blessed with positive feedback and love from our collective fan base. We’re happy to report that it has been very well received thus far and hope that trend continues. 

BRR: Any plans for touring in the near future? If so, where are you going for?

Jeremy: Yes. We’re currently focusing on developing a presence regionally here in the Midwest. You can keep an eye peeled for us in neighboring markets such as Milwaukee, STL, Twin Cities, Detroit and any and all cities within striking distance of our home base, Chicago, in the near future. 

BRR: What can fans expect to hear from you in the future?

Jeremy: They can expect to hear the best we have to offer. As of now, in our humble opinion, what we’ve delivered thus far is the tip of the iceberg. If you like what hear so far, keep a close tab. The well is deep and we’re just getting warmed up.



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