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Articles Home » Music Talk » Harnish Interview With Patrick Harnish By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio
Harnish Interview With Patrick Harnish By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio


Interview With Patrick Harnish

By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio



BRR: Hello, this is Allyson with Boston Rock Radio and I am going to introduce you to the band Harnish.

I always like to begin with an introduction to the band members and a history of how and when you formed.

HARNISH is mostly the writing I’ve been doing for the past 20 years. In 2017 my non-music career was at a good point so I figured this is it, now or never. I hooked up with Producer Adam Woods at Oakwood Studios and kicked things off with In Dark Water. Paul Brown (Drums), Matt Duvall (Lead), William Moore (Bass) all came on as the core band for live shows. Brian King and Andrea Shirley have helped out with bass some on the albums. William is hanging up the bass, so we’ll be mixing up the lineup in 2019.

BRR: What is the metal scene like where you are from? What are your favorite venues there and why?

I think it’s a bit of an underdeveloped market here.  There is some really unique talent in town not everyone knows about; bands like Machine In The Mountain, Fester, White Rose just to name a few.  We are going to play with a band in January called Carcinogen Daily - They’ve got a really cool C.O.C. kind of groove. I think there could be more of a scene. Venues like the Shrine, Vanguard, and Bad Ass Renee’s are working hard to get smaller bands some stage time.

BRR: What are your musical influences? What life experiences inspire you to compose what you do?

I’m a huge Danzig fan. Dio, Sabbath, Manson, Cash...there’s a lot of others, but Glenn has been the biggest influence for sure. I’ve always had a thing for the darker side of religion. I’d say that’s at the core of my work.  But love, loss, all the normal stuff we go through...it’s all in there.

BRR: Describe the artwork for the album In Dark Water and your current album No Thing Like Me.

In Dark Water was really themed around a bible passage where Jesus casts a horde of demons into a group of pigs, then drowns them in the sea. You can’t get much cooler imagery than that. I met an artist in London named Tim Kent and he hooked me up with our iconic Pig Head. No Thing Like Me is much more about the wars we fight inside ourselves. It’s a softer album, but really dark and angry at times. I felt like everything had to be red.

BRR: Describe a little bit of your past discography. How has your music evolved?

I’m 38 now and some of the songs on my albums I wrote when I was 16. It’s been about taking years of writing and demos and finally bringing them to life in a studio. My writing has always been good, but I think it’s taking me quite a while to develop as a musician. I’m not a great singer...I have to work hard at it. I didn’t realize that at 20 years old. I think I’m putting out stuff now that will stand the test of time. I try to imagine the songs I’m making playing at my funeral and would I be proud of it?

BRR: You created a cover of “Bad to the Bone” that sounds like Manson meets Sabbath. Discuss how you chose this style.

I have covered this song for a long time playing live. I think it is such a tough song that doesn’t get enough respect. For the album I wanted to drop it down, make it sound dirty and mean. That’s how I hear it in my head. Adam Woods did the slide work, Paul Brown killed it on the drums and it just all came together.


BRR: “I Should Be Dead” is haunting and beautiful. What feelings were behind this creation?

I’d like to think it could mean different things for people. In my mind it’s about feeling abused and mistreated by most people, and you have that one person, relationship or whatever, who you want to believe in. But in the end they are just the same and it pushes you over the edge. Whatever that edge may be.  We filmed the video at the haunted Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, OK.

BRR: You also did a cover of one of my favorite Marilyn Manson songs “Man That You Fear.” What led you to choose this song and describe your version of this?

I have so much respect for Marilyn Manson. “With Man That You Fear” I just thought I could bring something new to it. I love when Marilyn sings over an acoustic guitar and I always want more...so I just tried to pay tribute to that. I can clearly remember this song coming out in high school and Manson was just blowing people’s minds. It was an honor to cover.

BRR: Describe the song “Lips as Soft as Yours.” It's amazing how an acoustic sound can still be dark. Can you go into detail?

There’s just something sexy about temptation and when I talk about dark religious imagery, “Lips” is really the perfect example. When lyrics are about really heavy stuff I think they just kind of shape the emotion of song. It doesn’t matter if its acoustic.  The wicked part of it just sucks you in.

BRR: Finally, a question I ask many artists. Aside from attendance at venues, what changes would like to see in metal?

I’m not hating on cookie monster vocals...but I’m old school when it comes to vocalists.  Ronnie James Dio, Marilyn Manson, Glenn Danzig...they have a voice.  I want more bands with voices and less demonic gurgling.  But that’s just me.

BRR: I'd like to thank you for your time on behalf of Boston Rock Radio and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

It’s been a pleasure.  I really appreciate you taking the time.






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