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Wasted Theory Interview

Brendan, Larry, Andrew, Rob

Wasted Theory

Interview by Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio



“Oh my, this is the good shit right here.  Not usually a huge fan of stoner rock, Wasted Theory have won me over on their latest release Defenders of the Riff which was recently signed by Argonauta Records.  The band originates from the Maryland/Delaware area and the musicians are Larry Jackson, Jr. (vocals/guitar), Brendan Burns (drums), Andrew Petkovic (rhythm guitar) and Rob Michael (bass). This is definitely a party album, pure fun and simply rock n roll. The lyrics are easily heard and listenable which is a bit of a break from all the death and black metal I've been soaking in. This is the kind of music you want to blast while enjoying choice beverages or herbs on a hot summer night by the firepit. Lots of blues influence can be heard throughout the tracks on this album.”--Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist for Boston Rock Radio




BRR:  Can you first give me a brief history of Wasted Theory?


Brendan:  Basically we started off in the Spring of 2012 with the only focus in mind was to come up with something a little bit different than what was currently in “stoner rock.”  We decided to go a lit bit more of the bluesier route, the heavier southern kind of thing.  There is absolutely no one doing that in the Delaware area where we are from.  We are at the top of Delaware where Wilmington is, 45 minutes south of Philadelphia.  We’ve incorporated some new members, so we are half Delaware and half Maryland.


BRR:  I sent the press release I had received off to one of our other writers who does most of our reviews.  She compared “Black Witch Blues” to Motorhead and she’s a huge Lemmy and Motorhead fan.  How do you feel about that?


Brendan:  I’ll take that!  That is definitely very cool because if someone is going to be listening to a Motorhead CD and than want to switch over to our album, that is the biggest compliment you can ever give.


BRR:  You recently signing with Italy’s Argonauta Records.  Tell me about that and what opportunities you are looking forward to.


Brendan:  Argonauta picked up our last record, Defends of the Riff, and they re-released it.  We gave them 2 extra songs for it.  We basically had one concept in mind when we went to go work with them, which was pretty much that we wanted more European exposure.  With everything we had been doing over here in the States, touring year after year and things like that, we wanted to peak some interest on the other side of the pond.  Working with Argonauta was our way of working both sides of the world at the same time.  Argonauta has been absolutely fantastic to work with.  They are a very cool label.  They do what they say and say what they do.  They will promote our stuff over there so hopefully by the time we get over there, there will be a few people that have actually heard of us.


BRR:  You are currently touring in support of the label signing and re-issue of 2nd full length album Defenders of the Riff  with the “Stoned on Both Coasts Tour.”  Any cities or venues you are really looking forward to?


Brendan:  We are actually playing Saint Vitus tomorrow in Brooklyn.  We are very excited about that because we haven’t been there in the 6 years we have been a band.  We just got back from California, so that was pretty cool to get on that side.  It was a little difficult to leave.  We were having a great time.  A lot of good vibes over there.  There are a few spots that we haven’t played yet, one being Louisville.  If we can incorporate one or two new cities every year, that’s cool.  


Andrew: I’m just hopping on the wagon now, but California was great.  We are hoping for Europe next year.


BRR:  Tell me about the re-issue of Defenders of the Riff and what is new on the most recent release?


Brendan:  The re-release has two cover songs on it.  Argonauta had asked if we could add some additional material to it, but when we recorded it, that was every song we wrote for the album.  We decided to do a couple covers of bands that were immediate influences to us.  We did an Alabama Thunder Pussy cover and a Nazareth cover and sent that to them and they released it as is, so the re-release has 12 songs on it total.  


BRR:  What band in the past did you see that made you want to do this for the rest of your life?


Brendan:  That’s a tough one.  My immediate influence now and the reason I play drums in a rock n’ roll band is because of Led Zeppelin. That's the band that did it for me.


Andrew:  Definitely Black Sabbath.


BRR:  What does the future hopefully hold for Wasted Theory?


Brendan:  Hopefully, if the planets line up like we are hoping, around this time next year we are hoping to be in Europe.  So after 6 years as a band, we have a new album coming out late this Fall.  We have a split coming out late Summer on a really cool label I can’t mention just yet.  Right now my focus is getting overseas and seeing if we can gain some new fans over there.


Where can potential fans find your information online or on social media?


Andrew:  We’re pretty much everywhere from Spotify to iTunes to Bandcamp to Facebook.  We are social media whores.  We are everywhere imaginable.  Stay tuned for the next album.


Argonauta Records' label owner Gero had this to say:  "After teaming-up for the 2017 edition of their monumental album 'Defenders of the Riff,' Argonauta Records is thrilled to renew the collaboration with WASTED THEORY, whose new album is already anticipated as one of the hottest releases of the coming Fall.”

Argonauta plans to unleash
Warlords of the New Electric on the world in October 2018. The eight song, full album hammer strike will include Vinyl and CD formats, with Digital Download and Streaming through most major outlets available simultaneously to the physical release.



Upcoming Live Dates:

Jul. 06 - Wilmington DE @ Oddity Bar (w/ Kingsnake, The Age Of Truth, Bloodlaw)
Jul. 07 - Kingston NY @ The Anchor (w/ Witchkiss, Shadow Witch)
Aug. 24 - Washington DC @ Atlas Brew Works
Aug. 25 - Frederick MD @ Guido's Speakeasy
Sep. 13 - McMechen WV @ Goodfellas
Sep. 14 - Columbus OH @ Victory Live (w/ Wolftooth, Horseburner, Pale Grey Lore)
Sep. 15 - Indianapolis IN @ Indiana City Brewery (w/ Wolftooth)
Sep. 16 - Louisville KY @ Magbar (w/ Wolftooth)
Oct. 11 - Pittsburgh PA @ Howler's
Oct. 12 - Detroit MI @ New Dodge Lounge
Oct. 13 - Canton OH @ Buzzbin Shop




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