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      A Gathering of None Interview

      A Gathering of None Interview

      By Mindy Stevenson, Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio



      Massachusetts based Alternative Metal band A Gathering Of None just released their new album "One Last Grasp At Hope" on April 6, 2018.


      A Gathering of None is:
      TB - guitars/lead vocals
      Justin - backing vocals/guitars
      Jeff - backing vocals/guitars
      Ken - bass guitars
      Chris - backing vocals/drums


      “Vocalist/songwriter TB says, "The song 'No Stone Left Unturned' is somewhat autobiographical in that it's about realizing you've made your fair share of mistakes and are trying to repair the damage those mistakes have caused. I've dealt with feeling that way numerous times in my life. The main idea is, as the very last line says, "and so you seek you'll find", meaning that if you've lost who you WERE, you have to take the necessary steps to rediscover that person and apply it to who you ARE now. There is a constant search for answers and a feeling of hopelessness in there that I think everyone can identify with, yet maintaining a positive outlook about your want and need to grow as a person.'

      If you like groove laden songs with heavy guitars, inhumanly proficient drums, prog rock bass lines, hooks a plenty, and more vocal harmonies than you can count, then you have just found your new favorite band.”--TAG Press release 4/2018



      BRR:  I really love the new album and all of its messages. How have your fans reacted to it so far?

      TB: Thank you! It seems that people from all over the world are taking a liking to it and our longtime fans are saying it's our best yet so the response is very positive, which we couldn't be happier about. I appreciate that you are finding something positive in the song’s messages because even though they are dark songs lyrically there's a positive message underlying in them.

      BRR:  You covered “Predatory Male” by Miltown on the new album. What made you decide to cover that particular song?

      TB:  We covered that particular song because all of us in the band, myself especially, are big Only Living Witness fans. Later on, probably about 3 years ago, I discovered vocalist Jonah Jenkins' band after they broke up, called Miltown. I heard them and said "My God they are doing what we are trying to do stylistically but 20 years earlier!" Everyone liked the song so it was a no brainer. Actually I began corresponding with Jonah in 2014 and he and I are friends now. He sang some backing vocals on our previous album but somehow the session was lost.

      BRR:  That's too bad. Your release of the video for “No Stone Left Unturned” hit in March. What made you choose a lyric video vs any other type? Why that particular song?

      TB:  We did that because it is honestly the cheapest way to introduce a new single from a new album now. We also chose to do a lyric video because we knew we could incorporate some cool imagery with the lyrics. Above all, that song gets to the chorus faster than any other on the new album so we wanted
      an immediate earworm for the first single, something that people could latch onto right away.

      BRR:  Dead or alive, who would most like to tour with?

      TB:  King's X. Hands down.

      BRR:  What do you think allows the group to blend so well?

      TB:  I think that we work so well as a unit not only because we all share some of the same influences or outlooks but we're also all five different enough from one another that there is always a fresh perspective that one of us will bring to the table that the other four might not have thought about.

      BRR:  What challenges have you had while working remotely with the group?

      TB:  We demoed the songs all at home individually and then we'd Dropbox each other to death with different ideas and countless group chats. When we got to the studio it was the first time playing them as a band. That's
      challenging because everyone had work, families, etc. Time management has to be very meticulously thought of and when we play live, there's no going to a town over and rehearsing. It's a planes, trains and automobiles situation where we have, HOPEFULLY 2-3 days to rehearse before hitting the road.

      BRR:  What can we find you doing when you aren’t playing music or writing?

      TB:  I'm usually cooking, working out, watching wrestling or reading graphic comic novels and crime/suspense books. I'm a full on dork.

      BRR:  You all have very impressive resumes in music. Any advice you'd give any aspiring musicians looking to grow their skills?

      TB:  Practice your craft incessantly, don't ever expect to make a single dime, and do it simply because you love to do it. Stick with those and you're good to go.

      BRR:  Thank you for your time. Wishing you a great upcoming tour.
      Happy Rockin'
      Mindy S





      A Gathering of None "No Stone Left Unturned" (Official Lyric Video)

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