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SiXteenX20 Interview

SiXteenX20 Interview

By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio



BRR: Being a local original band from the Boston area, can you introduce yourselves and briefly describe the creation of the band?


I'm Robbie and I'm the drummer. It was just created by friends, one friend to another really.


This is Ed Lawrence.  I’m lead vocals and I’ve never played with better guys.


I’m Mike Harrop, bass, and I second that. I’m a big fan.


Tucker Apple, lead guitar, and I've been drinking Jack.


BRR:  What about the creation of the band?


Robbie: A friend of mine Rob Gonzalez just told me he knew a kid that played guitar and we traded numbers and Tucker and I met. That was about six years ago now.  We hated each other at first and we actually broke up for a bit too.


Tucker:  I don’t think I hated you, but I hated the tone of your voice.


BRR:  What's the meaning behind the band name?


Robbie:  It’s the size of the rehearsal room we used to practice at.


Ed:  It’s the size of Tucker's pants….inside because he has big balls.


BRR:  I read that he wears Texas underwear.  Everything is bigger in Texas. (For the curious, he actually has boxer shorts with the Texas flag on them.)  How would you describe your music to those unfamiliar with you?


Robbie:  If you like a heavy foot, you will dig it.


Ed:  I would say mean and clean.


Mike:  I get lost in the lyrics a lot.


BRR:  It’s straight up hard rock to me and we need more of that around here!


Ed:  It's relatable. It's good shit.


Tucker:  I would say each time we actually play a show, people find themselves actually listening to what we're playing.  It's kind of weird because when I look out into a crowd, it’s different because I used to play in a lot of cover bands and they would relate to certain songs but they relate to every song we play and they’re not cover songs.


BRR:  I believe you have CDs available tonight. What can you tell me about the CD?



Robbie:  We have an EP that has been out since 2014.


BRR:  But that’s going to change soon.  Then tell me about your new song, “Never again.


Tucker:  “Never Again” is a new song because you can't find it on the internet or on one of our sites.


BRR:  I have heard you play it live though, right?


Ed:  That’s right, but we've never really mixed it in the studio or mastered it yet so it will not be out until we complete our newer song which we will include with it.  Our new song is called, I believe it's a working title, “Chains.”  We have another one in the works called “Empty Shell.”


BRR:  Nice, I can’t wait to hear them. What's your favorite song to perform live?


Robbie:  “Grudge.”


Ed: “Dead Memories.”


Tucker:  “Never Again.” No question, no doubt. The reason I like it is because it has so many changes. It goes from dirty guitar to clean guitar to organ type shit. So I love that song because…..(a bunch of drunken indistinguishable or unrepeatable chaos.)


BRR:   Wow, you guys are bad! I have to definitely edit a bunch out of this.  But this is why I love doing interviews at the end of the night.  I get to see the real “you.”   Who are your personal musical influences?


Tucker’s wife:  Spongebob.


Tucker: For the record, everyone else is talking but not me.


BRR:  This is why I don’t do too many live interviews, so I can edit.


Tucker:  This is why I don't do them either.  What was the the question? My musical influences? Oh dude, straight up Whitesnake. I'm a Whitesnake freak dude. David Coverdale.


Ed:  I want to say Foreigner and Kiss.  No Bee Gees yet, but when the last one dies, I may jump on that.  Lou Gramm was the fucking balls. I’m talking the old Foreigner.  Lou Gramm was a great vocalist.


Robbie:  Vinnie Paul. Pantera was awesome.


Mike:  Van Halen.


BRR:  What is next for SiXteenX20?


Ed:  We have a few shows in the works we just can't announce them yet. (Hint: May 24th at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA) We hit the recording studio this Saturday (May 5th) to begin recording and mixing and mastering a song we have not released yet. We need someone to come video us while we record, someone with a camera that is looking for the experience of filming a band and we would include it in a possible future music video or documentary about the band.  Contact us if you are interested.


 With Ed                                                                   With Robbie


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