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Messer Interview with Dereak Messer


Interview with Dereak Messer

By Nina McCarthy, Senior Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


“This Dallas,Texas band expects to cut a memorable swath through the Rock world in 2018. The band's desire for creative expression and to touch as many lives as possible is what drives them forward. 2018 is shaping up to be the year that Messer cuts through the noise and clutter of the Rock world and makes it mark.” --bio




BRR:   I was thinking you guys were forgetting me here.


DM:  We didn’t. We were given the wrong time. You can blame Maddox. I mean there's like 10 interviews a day. We're like, Oh my god! 


BRR:  That's crazy.  I won't keep you that long then since you guys probably have a crazy schedule but I'm glad to catch you.  So now Messer is not only your last name Dereak, but the meaning was also very fitting for your music. Would you elaborate on that?


DM:  Yeah absolutely.  It means “knife” in German and that's kind of how we saw our style of music, being cutting edge. So it just kind of made sense and we kind of fell into it.  It’s kind of where we're at with our music and hoping to cut through and dig deeper into people’s minds.


BRR:  It’s interesting how you became Messer. Can you briefly give me the story behind that?


DM:  Oh absolutely.  We all come from different backgrounds and everything so for us all to get together, it just kind of happened by circumstance. I was living up North and I had moved down to Dallas to do music, which is something I've always wanted to do. So I got down here and a mutual friend of mine and Javier’s had introduced us one night and we kind of both forgot about it until like a year later and we were both reintroduced.  Meeting up with Maddox, that just kind of happened by chance too. I happened to walk into the hair salon to get some hair product, actually, and then he happened to be there. We just started talking about music and the next thing you know, I was saying, “Maybe you should come check this project out.” Kenny had a great story too, how he ended up here.  He's actually from Canada. He was on his way somewhere else.  Actually I think he was headed to Phoenix and had come through Dallas and ran out of gas. So the rest is history and that's a whole other funny story about him and all the stuff he's been through here. And Donnie is really a tattoo artist.  That’s something he had done in the past on off times.  He's an incredible tattoo artist and he had done some work for Maddox and Maddox played some of our music for him that we were working on and Donnie was playing some music that he was working on in his home studio.  It just kind of like, we’re doing this new album, we're doing this new song writing and they were really built for two guitar players.  So it was just kind of a natural fit.  Maddox had asked him to come check things out and Donnie really loved it, so it all came together at that point.


BRR:  Great. You guys have opened for many notable acts.  The night I first saw you guys, you were opening for Nonpoint in Providence, RI and that’s when I met you and became an instant fan. So besides meeting me, ha ha, tell me about some of your favorite experiences on tour so far.


DM:  Oh my goodness.  That tour was awesome.  The Nonpoint guys, were as cool as can be and we learned a lot from them. We also toured with Black Label Society and Pop Evil up in Canada, all over Canada from Nova Scotia to Toronto.  We had an amazing time with those guys. I'm glad that Zach is doing better now. And you know shortly after that tour Pop Evil really took off and blew up. So our times on the road are just a blast.  That's why we hope people follow us when we're on tour because, like all bands, you’ve got to keep yourself occupied because there is a lot of downtime so we try to take advantage of it and just have fun. We try to make a fun experience out of everything we do.


BRR:  You have to on the road in order to keep sane.  Now how did you come to catch the eye of the L.A. based writer/producer Chad Gendason?


DM:  Oh yeah, Chad.  He is a co-writer of all of our stuff and our producer and our buddy on top of all that. Chad actually found us when we were in L.A. playing somewhere in Hollywood and Chad was recommended to us by our tour manager, Chris Carter. Chad decided to come out to our show and he really liked what he heard and what he saw and the rest is history really.  He just basically told us to cancel our plans that we were staying at his place and we were going to write a hit song, which we ended up doing. We ended up writing “Simple Man” and recording it while we were out there on that particular tour and the rest is history.  That guy is a gem and hopefully we'll be bringing him to the forefront with our success as well.


BRR:  Messer comes out of Dallas which has seen the rise of bands such as  Pantera, Hellyeah,and  Drowning Pool.  Did you find it very competitive and what do you think got you noticed?


DM:  I wouldn’t really say competitive.  I mean everyone supported each other and every time a big band like that does well in a city like Dallas/Fort Worth, it's going to definitely bring attention to everybody, all of the other bands.  For us, we try to help every band below us or beside us as well as what those guys did for us in the past.  There’s really a camaraderie here with all the bands.


BRR:  That’s great.  That’s how it should be.  For those not familiar with Messer how would you describe the music?


DM:  We're definitely influenced by, lots of different sounds and styles all the way back from the 80s to now.  We love good music, good quality music. So our sound is definitely reminiscent, I would say, of maybe the early 90s sound but it's got a modern new twist that I think is refreshing and really different than what I'm hearing out there currently on the market and on the radios.


BRR:  Yeah I'd have to agree. We've been playing “Simple Man” and “Whiskey for quite some time on Boston Rock Radio and we're honored to be amongst some of the first to play the new single “Make This Life which is now being played nationwide. Can you give me a little insight into that song?


DM:  It was great that they picked that song. We actually were thinking about another song but at the last minute they said, “You know, we really feel this song is relevant at the moment and we really think we should lead with this song. So basically “Make This Lifeis, for us, kind of stand up against the media, the way they're trying to direct people and make you think.  It’s kind of to stand up against anything like that.  We're not really picking a side per se but just standing up for the people.  That’s kind of what that song is you know, make this life worth fighting for and make this life or die.


BRR:  Right, and filmed the music video in January.


DM:  We did. Man that was unbelievably fun. We had a blast doing that with the Red Lux Productions out here in Dallas.


BRR:  I wished I could have been part of that when you called for people to be extras. All I knew was that you played a news anchor and it was a protest scene outside a bar, but it came out amazing in the end.  


DM:  There were lots of fun scenes. I mean we're definitely kind of going against the media in this video. And as you will see we do some smashing of a some TVs.  We kind of have an Office Space moment where we just take some bats and some golf clubs and just kind of beat on some TVs.


BRR:  That must have been fun.  Now your self-titled debut album will be released April 20th and you have a Pledge Music Campaign with lots of goodies as rewards.  Currently you are on tour with with Red, Lacey Sturm, Righteous Vendetta, Shallow Point.


DM:  We’re excited to be getting all over the country with our new single.


BRR:  I hope to see you back to the Northeast.


DM:  Absolutely!  We had a blast up there.


BRR:  Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know that we haven't covered?


DM:  Just please keep supporting us. Spread the word and go to all of our socials and follow us and we promise to keep on putting out the good music and keeping you entertained when we're on the road.


BRR:  I've been told by one A&R Rep that I find the best of the best of music and I liked you guys right away so I think that's a compliment to Messer.


DM:  Awww, that’s awesome. Thank you so so much. It was a pleasure meeting you up there and we can't wait to get back up there.



BRR:  I can't wait to see you guys again.  But yeah,  I was surprised when I saw you guys play because I had never heard of you, and I see a lot of bands, so it was definitely a nice surprise.


DM:  We're hoping that it has a nice refreshing feeling compared to everything out there on the radio.


BRR:  I can’t wait to get the new CD.  Thank you for your time, Dereak, and I can't wait to see what else the future brings for Messer.


DM:  Nina, thank you so much for your support and we love Boston Rock Radio.




Red / Lacey Sturm / Righteous Vendetta/MESSER Tour Dates


March 20 - Sacramento, Calif. @ Ace of Spades

March 22 - San Francisco, Calif. @ The Fillmore

March 25 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Regent

March 30 - Tempe, Ariz. @ Marquee Theatre

March 31 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre

April 3 - Lubbock, Texas @ Jake's Backroom

April 4 - San Antonio, Texas @ The Rock Box

April 6 - Houston, Texas @ The Scout Bar

April 7 - Dallas, Texas @ Canton Hall

April 10 - Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Tower Theatre

April 12 - Sauget, Ill. @ Pop's

April 13 - Memphis, Tenn. @ New Daisy Theatre

April 14 - Nashville, Tenn. @ Top Golf

April 15 - Atlanta, GA. @ The Masquerade


Dates with Shallow Side


Wednesday - 4/18/2018 - Jacks Bar and Grill  San Antonio

Thursday - 4/19/2018 - Sidewinder Austin TX

Friday - 4/20/2018 - Trees Dallas TX

Saturday - 4/21/2018 - Satellite Bar – Austin, TX

Sunday - 4/22/2018 - Olde Towne Tavern – Slidell, TX

Wednesday - 4/25/2018 - Ashley Street Station - Valdosta GA

Thursday - 4/26/2018 - The Warrior – Tallahassee, FL

Friday - 4/27/2018 - Working - Tampa, FL

Saturday - 4/28/2018 - Southside - Naples, FL

Sunday - 4/29/2018 – On Hold - Orlando FL

Wednesday - 5/2/2018 - Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

Thursday - 5/3/2018 - Sidetracks Music Hall – Huntsville, AL

Friday - 5/4/2018 - The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN

Saturday - 5/5/2018 – Steel Horse Rally – Fort Smith, AK

Wednesday - 5/9/2018 - The Bourbon Hall - Louisville KY

Thursday - 5/10/2018 - Amici's – Concord, NC

Friday - 5/11/2018  - The Vault – Hickory, NC

Saturday - 5/12/2018 – GroundZero - Spartanburg SC

Saturday - 5/19/2018 - Pit Stop Bar and Grill - North Richland Hills, TX



Pledge Music Campaign: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/messerband

Official website: https://www.messerband.com

iTunes Pre-order: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/messer/1348892084

Google Play Pre-order: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Messer_Messer?id=Bwgg2vbrw53gkx3q3prnxdhhqua&hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/messerband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/messerband/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/messerband

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeviKEkkdtY

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7qNZ1MXOnu60GMYoZPLoRT

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/messerband

Slacker: https://www.slacker.com/song/m



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