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Articles Home » Music Reviews » We Are Band Nerds Forget Me Not Pavement Entertainment February 23, 2018 Review
We Are Band Nerds Forget Me Not Pavement Entertainment February 23, 2018 Review

We Are Band Nerds

Forget Me Not
Pavement Entertainment
February 23, 2018

Review by Gabe Straight, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio



Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the image people use to describe nerds are big broken glasses, the fashion sense of someone who solely lets their mom dress them. When I see Dallas’ We Are Band Nerds (fresh off their “Forget Me Nots” effort), I imagine a snapbacks, soul patches, the game Twisted Metal, and Limp Bizkit. I know I’m a couple years removed from high school, but I’m pretty sure nerd culture couldn’t’ve changed that quickly.


Nevertheless, “Forget Me Nots” is the newest release from this nu metal outfit. Listening to this thing, it almost sounds like an updated Limp Bizkit. The guitar tones, vocals, raps, samples, drums, right down to the rap flow, aspects of the album sound like what Limp Bizkit would’ve released if they still released music. Like me, you might’ve googled Limp Bizkit and found they’re on the brink of releasing new music. However, the fact that you had to search that proves the just how relevant Limp Bizkit is.


That brings me to my first point: what does this band have to offer that other nu metal bands haven’t already offered? Like I said, Band Nerds sounds like a updated nu metal band. For one, there are some really good rap verses, especially on songs like “DREAMER” and “SAVAGE.” The samples are present and varied. There is a generous amount of catchy hooks, jump-friendly choruses, and a passion that doesn’t take my idea of a nerd to see. As good as the band is, they’re obviously better as a rap group than a metal group. The production of the drums, guitar, and bass almost makes them sound like an afterthought on the album. Plus, the screams should’ve been on the cutting room floor.


I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t think nu metal had any hope of being relevant again, but We Are Band Nerds just might prove me wrong. The way you make it relevant again is to blend it with the new styles of rap and metal rather than going for the sounds that have already been hashed out. With a little tweaking here and there, I expect Band Nerds to become a big deal in the metal community. Just don’t shove them in a locker.






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