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Interview with Snow Day



Dylan Ferreira - Guitar/Lead Vocals

Alex Coe - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Eric Mead - Bass/Vocals

Christian Scavo - Drums/Crossfit

Email:  snowdaybooking@gmail.com





Snow Day is a rock band out of MA.  They are four best friends who love music, new friends, and partying!  I was first contacted by Dylan by email with a song to review for radio play on Boston Rock Radio.  I loved it and it went into rotation rather quickly and the rest is history.  I had a chance to catch up with Dylan via the internet and get to know more about these guys.


BY:  Nina McCarthy, Music Journalist


BRR:  There wasn’t a lot about you on the internet, and I know you’re a reasonably new band, so can you explain how you formed?


SD:  It all started when I got kicked out of my girlfriend’s house. I moved into Eric’s brother’s house and we formed the band there in his living room.  We have been playing music together for a long time.  We initially started as a three piece, only playing music that we could finger no matter how inebriated we were.  About a month later we decided we needed another guitarist, and that’s when we had Alex.  


BRR:  What are your musical backgrounds?


SD:  We all really enjoy Metal. In reality, it's the only genre of music we all collectively enjoy…. But we want to bring the party, and we know that any type of rock can do that.  To answer the question, each person in our band has an entirely different taste in music. Dylan enjoys Blues,Classic, and Hard Rock. Alex enjoys Rock, Alternative, and Fest music. Eric likes Indie, Folk, and Salsa. Scavo is into Pop Punk, Cross Fitting, and Noise Rock...We all love Rap. We really love ambient music as well. We are pretty diverse and well rounded as individuals, especially when it involves music. But... it all circles back to metal.  Everytime we’re in the car heading to shows, it's not uncommon for us to be blasting the Acacia Strain or Black Dahlia Murder.


BRR:  How did you pick your band name?


SD:  Eric was sitting in a bar in Newburyport after a day at the beach with his ex-girlfriend, and she suggested to name the band Snow Day. As a band we accepted the fact that we are all from within the heart of New England; it almost became sort of an inside joke that stuck.



BRR:  Why did you decide to play the genre you do?


SD:  Well, that's sort of a hard question.  We range from Hard Rock, to Pop, to choppy Punk rhythms, to slow Blues.  At this point, we honestly have no idea what genre we fit into.


BRR:  Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration?


SD:  Hahaha It could honestly be written about anything; random inanimate objects, girls, politics, prize redemption machines, refrigerators, and shitty apartments. We draw upon life experiences for our source of inspiration. It's a wild world out there.


BRR:   It sure is!  In January of this year, you released your first EP, Two Hour Delay.  Can you explain the title and a little bit about the songs?


SD:  Two Hour Delay came about as another band joke.  We all decided to come up with hilarious cliche titles such as “Urinal,” and “Critical Hog.”  You know….Just throwing out the funniest names you can think of. Then Eric suggested Two Hour Delay. We chose that because it kind of took us longer than we had anticipated for our album to get finished with mixing, and off to mastering at Lurssen Studios. It was almost perfect with our band name because a Snow Day doesn't always mean things are cancelled...


BRR:  What are your immediate music career goals?


SD:  We really want to tour Europe. But in short, we would love to abandon our stressful desk job lives and start making the Rock scene great again. Fuck politics, fuck this uneducated society that’s continuously degressing, and have fun. Rock music is really the only thing where you can escape like that. We like to escape when necessary.  We want to make this a career.  It's what suits all of our lifestyles and personality.  In the long run, we will always have our instruments.


BRR:    I absolutely agree with you there!  What do you like to do outside of music that rejuvenates your creativity?


SD:  We like to drink, party, be loud, stay up late, and fish. We all have professional careers, Alex is a financial advisor, Dylan is a licensed insurance broker, Eric is a loan officer at a bank, and Scavo works as a graduate personal trainer and IT professional.  But desk jobs suck… And to keep things G rated, we like rock n’ roll things.


BRR:  Dylan, you shared some exciting news with me the other day?  Are you allowed to say anything publicly yet?


SD:  Not quite sure… haha  We’re still waiting back on our label manager’s email! To be honest, I haven't been paying much attention to my email. I just purchased a new Telecaster and Tube amp so I've really been fixated on that. It really has me in a trance. But we did just sign to a record label in the UK. We are waiting for our press kit to be finished to announce everything in detail!


BRR:  How has Boston Rock Radio been helpful to the band?


SD:  You guys kick ass! You play our songs and you don’t even ask us to censor them! That to us is the coolest thing ever. We really like how you guys support local music, you even got us in contact with Ed Battles who is now one of our booking agents. He hooks us up with shows which is pretty cool. We never practice so by playing at least one show a week, it's kind of like the same thing right?


BRR: “A Pretty Kind of Nothing” was #1 on BRR’s Top Ten Requested Songs the first month we did it and “The Punchline” #5 the second month “How do you feel about that?


SD:  I think it's great that people are listening to us.  However, I think a lot of the requests could have been all of our friends!  Haha We like to binge promote at times for kicks! But in all we were very excited! “Punchline” was one of the first songs we wrote so it meant a lot to us!


BRR: That’s okay if they were your friends.  That’s what we like, to get new listeners and have the fans request their favorites.  Any further comments to potential fans?


SD:  Come out and see us play!! Like our page on www.facebook.com/snowdayma and like our page! From there you can see our upcoming shows and listen to our music!


BRR:  Thanks guys.  I look forward to catching a live show soon.

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