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Interview with Cruel Miracle


Getting Personal With Cruel Miracle

By Nina McCarthy, Journalist, Boston Rock Radio


Cruel Miracle is a female fronted Rock N’ Roll band out of Boston. Members are:

Sadie Vada-vocals

Sir-Ken Celli-guitar

Charlie Black (aka CB)-bass

Luis Castellanos-drums



BRR:  Tell me briefly about the band history and how you came up with the name.


Ken:  The band started with me and Luis.  He saw me play in Boston once and we were friends already.  He was like, “Dude, We should be in a band together!”  So, I said I'd do it under one condition and that condition was that we should be having fun at all times.  I've been in bands before and it gets to the point where you're not actually having fun. That's not what I wanted. So, we got together and CB came on board and we were looking for a singer for a little bit, then we found Sadie.


BRR:  I had seen Sadie before as Sadie Vada.  (Actually, Davey Moore introduced me to her music.)  I've always loved her voice.  But it takes a special chemistry for a band to get along and have fun.


Ken:  We forgot to talk about the name. (It was the second question on Nina’s list)

Sadie:  Real quick, Cruel Miracle is representative of the birth of the problem child.  They came up with it before I joined the band, but it totally relates to me as well.

Ken: Yeah, it relates to all of us.  We are all basically just black sheep.

Sadie:  We're just problem children that continued into adulthood.

CB:  What is the saying that you have?

Sadie:  Both a blessing and a curse.
Ken: As far as chemistry goes, we hit it right of the bat. We feel like we’ve known each other way longer than what it really is.


BRR: What are your musical backgrounds?


Sadie:  I have zero.

Ken:  No, you studied the trumpet.

Sadie:  So, none (laughing).  I studied the trumpet in fourth grade.

Ken: It doesn't matter. Flea plays the trumpet.

Sadie:  I was really good at the trumpet in Elementary school and Junior High.  I can't read music anymore. Then I took one voice lesson at NYU.  But other than that, it's all soul and just feeling.

Luis: Self taught. Since I can remember I always wanted to be involved with music.
Ken: Took piano lessons and music theory for 2 years.  For guitar, I would force my friends that were very proficient with the instrument to teach me tricks and songs.


BRR: How did you begin singing, Sadie? You are amazing.


Sadie:  Thank you.  I just kind of fell into it.  I sang my whole life, but never in front of a crowd. It just kind of happened.

CB:  I'm actually self taught.  I've been playing for about 23 years.

Ken:  He also plays guitar.

CB:  Anything that has strings.


BRR: You're not old enough to play for 23 years! How old are you?


Sadie:  We're all 21!

CB: 27.  I look younger.  I started playing when I was 5.  I'm actually a guitar player, but now I play bass.


BRR: Your debut album “Manifesto” is now available.  Can you first explain the title?


Sadie: Manifesto is one of the songs on the album.  It's one of my favorites actually.  The song is about escape and freedom and…

Ken:  ...going for what you want, what you believe in.

Sadie: The whole theme of it is, manifest destiny.  As our debut album, we tied it in with our band name. So, it's birth of the problem child, taking what you want, going for what you want, manifest destiny, and we turned it into the band's manifesto...like an epic freedom.

Ken:  And as our debut album, it's a big achievement for us as musicians. It took a lot of effort and hard work.

CB:  Yeah, we put a lot of sweat and tears into it.


BRR:  Who created the artwork for the CD?


Ken:   I did the artwork. Mike Robinson who we found on the internet took the picture that is on the cover.  We contacted him and got the rights and permission to use it and worked on the artwork based on the picture.

Sadie:  He allowed us to use it. That was pretty generous of him.  I'd like to give him a shout out. Thank you, Mike Robinson.

BRR:  That's awesome. So,what specific themes does your music cover and who does the writing?


Sadie:  The writing as a whole is very collaborative.  Everyone has a say.  Nothing really moves forward unless all four of us say it’s a go. Even if three of us say yes, the fourth person has to be on board.  Everyone gets their voice in. I'm more a lyricist.  Everyone kind of writes their own parts, then we consent.

Ken:  99% of our lyrics are by Sadie. She's the brain.

Sadie:  As far as the theme, for this album, I think when I came into the band, I added freedom and kind of anti politicism; which isn't something I normally stand for but we were looking for something really high energy and their songs were so epic when I heard them I had to add something.

Ken:  Just Take It Now, what's the theme for that one?

Sadie:  Just Take It Now is totally just anarchy. It's all problem child themes like rebellion, overthrowing, high energy.

CB:  Anti-establishment.

Sadie: Totally anti-establishment.

Ken:  Our song Get Some! is actually on a radio mod for Fallout 4 (video game) that Jet Fuel put together, along with a bunch of other rad Beantown bands.  Now you can roam post-apocalyptic Boston while listening to some Cruel Miracle.


BRR:  I know you're in the process of filming a video.  Tell me about that.


Sadie:  We already filmed it.  It's currently in post production. It's done.

Ken:  Actually the guy gave us the final product right now while we were here. We'll give you a sneak peek.

CB:  We haven't seen it, but we have it.


BRR:  Sadie, I love how you incorporate the megaphone in your live set. Scott Weiland used to do that. Was he your inspiration?


Sadie:  Yes and no.  CB, Ken and Luis are huge STP fans.  They brought the idea of using a megaphone.

Ken:  Sadie saw it as an opportunity to rock the megaphone which she never had foreseen doing, but thought it would be cool if a frontwoman would start doing that and rocking out with it.  We tried it out a few times until Sadie felt comfortable with it.  And as a plus, we don’t know of any girl that rocks a megaphone on stage.


BRR:  Very true. That’s awesome!  What are your thoughts on internet radio?  Do you think it is helpful in broadening your fan base?


Ken:  Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone or any sort of similar technological device.  Most likely they'll have access to the internet as well, meaning easy and immediate access to internet radio (for example Boston Rock Radio).  So yeah, people have easier and much quicker access to bands in the present era.


BRR:  Have you had any strange experiences with fans?


Sadie:  One fan tried to touch my face all night in a creepy way and I couldn't get rid of him.

Ken:  One fan kept telling me that I was from Finland. And she kept explaining about it. The funny part is, I’ve never even been to Finland,  But, she insisted I was from there.


BRR:  That's funny. I love to hear those crazy stories. I remember going up to Luis after your at Ralph's (and several beers since I wasn't driving) and telling him was the sexiest drummer I and ever seen.

So, if you couldn't be musicians anymore, what would you be doing?


Ken:  Doing something that would involve creating things. I need a creative outlet.

CB:   Probably racing cars. I like the feeling of speeding.

Sadie:  Get more into fashion maybe.  Something creative.

Luis:  Crossfit competitor.


BRR:  Those definitely fit your personalities. Now, if you could change places with someone in the band for 48 hours, who would you change with and why?


Sadie:  Luis because I would love to hit the drums hard.

Ken:  CB because I feel like the bass guitar is the most stylish instrument and I would like to rock it.

CB:  Sadie because I would love to be a girl and go lesbian all the way.

Luis:  Ken, so I could ride the hell out of his Harley!


BRR:  Great answers! Are you subject to any brand loyalty?


Ken:   We not have deals with any brands for now!  But, I'm a Gibson guy.  I'm a sucker for Gibson guitars. I love everything about them.

CB:  I'm into Fender bass guitars. I like the tone I get from my Fender bass and amps.

Luis:  I use Vic Firth drum sticks.



BRR:  If any venues or promoters would like to book Cruel Miracle, who should they contact?


Ken:   All the info needed can be found at cruelmiracle.com


BRR:  And for potential fans or anybody else who would like to hear your music, buy your CD or other merch….where can you be found online?  Well, I guess you just answered that.


Ken:  Yeah! www.cruelmiracle.com or hit us up directly at cruelmiracle@gmail.com 
p: Merch at shows is more accessible in terms of prices since it doesn't imply any shipping costs.


BRR:  And you can now request Cruel Miracle online at bostonrockradio.com with the new request/dedication link.


Ken:  I saw that. Fucking cool!


BRR:  Any additional comments?


Ken:  We love what we do and are very grateful that we get to create & play music together. We do not take it for granted.




(photo credits: @fabuliz01)

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