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Disciples of Babylon Interview

Disciples of Babylon

Interview By: Alex Lindsay, Photojournalist

Boston Rock Radio


(Photo courtesy of Disciples of Babylon)



BRR:  Thank you for taking the time to interview with Boston Rock Radio! For our listeners that might not have discovered you guys yet, tell us a bit about the band and what makes you unique?

Gui Bodi:  We are an LA based band from all over the world: Eric Knight our singer is from Miami, Chris Toeller on drums is from Chicago, Ramon Blanco our guitarist is from Spain and I’m from Brazil. We are a very global band and that reflects on the subjects and themes present in our songs.

BRR:  It has been roughly over a month since your latest record, “The Rise and Fall of Babylon,” came out. In your own words, do you feel happy with the overall finished product? Do you feel that there were things that would’ve been done differently?

Gui Bodi:  We couldn’t be happier with the album; it is to date the best one we have put out so far, and personally the best sounding album I have ever been part of. Our producer Andres Torres did an amazing job with the production, my band mates killed it during the recording sessions and I’d say the only different thing I would have done would be finding more time to be in the studio! Today’s business model doesn’t really allow a DIY band to have the luxury of spending a month in a studio to put an album together, but in the future I would love to have that opportunity.

Ramon Blanco:  We are so happy about it, our fans are digging the new album and we have been lucky in getting a lot of radio airplay from all over the world.

Chris Toeller:  We are all so happy with the way the record came out, and I don’t think any of us would change anything about it as it stands.  


BRR:  Tell us about your experience on continuing to work with Andres Torres.

Gui Bodi:  Andres is a great person, brilliant producer, incredible drummer and now officially a “Rockstar” after winning so many Latin Grammys with Luis Fonsi “Despacito”! Working with someone that you are comfortable with in and out of the studio, to the point that I trust his opinions more than my gut feelings, and he has proven to be always right, is the best situation I can think of in terms of people to have on my team. We have a certain dynamic in the studio already, since our first EP that we recorded together (“Welcome To Babylon”), we have evolved as band since then and Andres too has grown a lot as a producer, so it was like putting an old shoe on that only got better and more comfortable throughout the years!

Ramon Blanco:  It's great, we love Andy and working with him is such a pleasure. We have the same ideas and direction when it comes to music so it's pretty easy working with him and he always takes our music to a new level.

Eric Knight:  Andres just gets better and better as a producer and blows our minds every time we enter into a studio to begin working on a new release

Chris Toeller:  Andy is such an amazing producer to work with. No matter what we bring him, he can establish a vision for each song that is totally in line with what we are trying to achieve, and it works out perfectly every single time.

BRR:  What was the reasoning and motivation behind naming the record “The Rise and Fall of Babylon”?

Eric Knight:  The title came from my belief on where our country is headed towards. I believe we are in the midst of a revolution, a civil war if you will. The division in our country is unprecedented. We seem to get more divided with each passing day and that’s very concerning. This was happening way before our current administration but it was something that has been growing steadily but only now with recent events and happenings have been magnified to the forefront. We also wanted something that was going to catch people’s attention. The album cover also is intriguing to the person that’s never heard the band before. We wanted both the imagery and title to be striking.

BRR:  Are there future tour plans in the works? If so, will we see DOB in Massachusetts sometime soon?

Gui Bodi:  You mentioned above that we just released our new album “The Rise And Fall Of Babylon,” and we did spend an awful lot of time putting the show together, press releases, interviews lined up etc, so now we are taking care of the touring aspect of it, and definitely if the opportunity presents itself we would love to play in Massachusetts!

Ramon Blanco:  We are working on our tour, we want to go all over the world during in 2018 and of course we’d love to go to Massachusetts!

Chris Toeller:  We are currently working on planning a tour for next year. We would absolutely love to make our way out to Massachusetts, but there is nothing official on the calendar quite yet.  

Eric Knight:  I absolutely LOVE Boston! I’ve been there many times over the years, and it’s just such a great town on so many levels, but music is what comes to mind for me there. So many great bands that have come out of that scene and it’s just such a cool music town with a rich history. We can’t wait to get there and play. We’re looking forward to taking over Wayne’s show and Boston Rock Radio airwaves in the very near future!

BRR:  Even though “The Rise and Fall of Babylon” was recently released, are you guys working on future tracks?

Gui Bodi:  We are constantly working on new material, song ideas, concepts, riffs and all that, so definitely yes! We actually just released a live version of an unreleased song of ours called “Liberty,” and I think it’s awesome to “test drive” a song like that; we can put it to test and check out how well it works live, how people react to it, how we feel playing it live etc. In this particular case, it worked so well we decided to release it! You can check it out on our website and on our YouTube channel.

Chris Toeller:  Yes, we are always writing new songs. More specifically though, we have a new song titled “Liberty” that we played at our album release show that you can see a live video of online at our website:

Eric Knight:  I agree with Gui, it’s absolutely critical for us as a band or any band for that matter to have a constant flow of new material and songs being developed and tested in front of an audience. It is the lifeblood for a band. We are very fortunate that in this band everyone's a writer and brings ideas to the table, which makes it very exciting cause that’s where our signature sound comes from, the blending of all of our ideas into one cohesive force.

BRR:  What are your current goals for the rest of 2017? What would you guys like to do differently in 2018?

Gui Bodi:  We are putting a lot of effort on getting shows lined up for the next year, create more content to expand our reach to people online, a couple of music videos lined up with some really creative movie directors and continuing our plans of world domination!

Chris Toeller:  With the Holidays coming up, it’s not a great time to be touring, but we will be releasing some live videos from our album release show, working on music videos for some of the songs on TRAFOB, and also doing some photoshoots.

Eric Knight:  I think just concentrating on touring now to support this record as well as writing new material and just keep the machine growing and building our audience. 2018 will be a pivotal year for us indeed.  

BRR:  This concludes the questions I have for today, was there anything you wanted to add that I may have missed in the interview?

Gui Bodi:  This one goes out to all music lovers out there: support the artists you like! Go to live concerts and be a part of the movement, help to create a cultural scene in your hometown to help bring the artists you like to perform there, helping to bring the community together and improve everyone’s lives! Much love to all of our Disciples out there, we love you very much and appreciate your support!

Eric Knight:  We just wanted to thank Boston Rock Radio for supporting emerging music like ourselves. You guys are champions and keepers of the flame for Rock music. Bands really need to support entities like yourselves to help grow what it is you are trying to do for music.  We also want to thank our Disciples from around the world. It truly has been really special what has been transpiring with our audience and it seems to be growing bigger each and everyday so thank you, we are honored and humbled by your support!


Check out Allyson's review of the album also on the BRR website: http://bostonrockradio.com/forum3/articles.php?article_id=96

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