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Articles Home » Music Reviews » Ra - The Intercorrupted Tour Concert Review By Nina McCarthy
Ra - The Intercorrupted Tour Concert Review By Nina McCarthy

Ra - The Intercorrupted Tour

With Any Given Sin & KILLAKOI

Fete Music Hall, Providence, RI

November 7, 2021

Concert Review By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio 




First and foremost, I must apologize for this review taking me well over a week! It seems that death and sickness have been frequenting my life lately, especially over the last two months. However, I go to shows to escape and forget, even if just for a little bit. So let me take you back through my night with Ra, Any Given Sin, and KILLAKOI when they hit Providence, RI on November 7th as part of Ra’s The Intercorrupted Tour!

Walking into the venue, I was surprised to see that tonight’s show was to be taking place on the small lounge stage at Fete, as I had first seen them at Locobazooka in central Massachusetts. But then again, it was a Sunday night and Ra hadn't toured in years. Surprised, but not disappointed, as I love smaller intimate shows like this!

There were three local opening bands on this bill, so I was in for a long night. Boston’s own, Major Moment opened the night with their energetic set of modern alternative electronic rock. Two Russian-born vocalists (male and female) and keyboards made for a powerful dynamic. Followed by Dead Fiction, out of Western Massachusetts, although unfamiliar with them, I enjoyed their set as well. I felt like I was witnessing the next generation of the rockers about to take over the local scene and perhaps beyond. Next up was a band I’ve seen many times and always enjoy, Bloodline Theory.  These guys, based out of Taunton, Ma, mix various styles of metal, rock, and reggae and it’s always a party on and off stage when they perform.

The stage wasn’t ready for what was about to take place next with the entrance of KILLAKOI (like “killer koi” with a New England accent, apparently inspired from Sevendust’s song “Rumble Fish“).  I’ve never seen so much equipment on the lounge stage at Fete. Besides the usual gear, in addition to keyboards, there was a percussion contraption they called “The Kage'' which was played with multi-colored lightsaber drumsticks!  With five members and all the equipment, I was excited to see how this would play out. First off, frontman and guitarist Jordan Mattacchione mentioned that they were honored to have been taken under the wing of producer Sahaj Ticiton, of the band Ra, who has taught them about professionalism as an artist. Interestingly, from what I’ve read, the members (joining Jordan on lead vocals  is Sam Ocheltree {bass/vocals}, Robbie Reiumer {guitar/vocals}, Kelly Flusk {guitar}, and Ethan Gibbons {keys/Kage/vocals} of the band are instructors at their very own music school. The set from this Charlotte, NC-based band was nothing short of an amazing and vigorous outpouring of diverse music with touches of grunge, metal, pop, and rock all rolled into one exposition. I was worn out just watching them. There was so much going on at once, but I loved every second of it.  KILLAKOI played their newest single “Get It Right” that features Sahaj, but he didn’t join them on stage for it. Jordan quickly says, “This is his part” and he beautifully does it himself. One other outstanding fact about the members is they strive to be mentors for the next generations of musicians while focusing on their own career as a band. I had heard of this band in the past, but boy had I been missing out! I bought some merch and had my picture taken with a few of the members (unfortunately my friend didn’t actually take them with my phone like she thought!) and will be following KILLAKOI from now on. Make sure to check them out for yourself! You can just feel the energy in these photos taken by staff photographer, Dominique Wheelock at the Wally's show in New Hampshire the night before.

Any Given Sin was up next, and one of the reasons I was out late on a Sunday night. I had interviewed frontman Vic Richie during the lockdown. After getting to know people through interviews, it’s always exciting to meet them in person. The Maryland quartet—Victor Ritchie {vocals}, Mike Conner {guitar}, Rich Stevenson {bass}, and Mike Showalter {drums} gave us a sensational 7 song set to include, “Enemy,” “Another Life,” “Revolt,” “Dynamite,” “Insidious,” “The Way I Say Goodbye” and “Flesh N Bones.”   “Dynamite'' was the band's first radio single that caught my ear and was popular amongst the Boston Rock Radio listeners. It's blatenly obvious that these bad boys have done their time on-stage. Any Given Sin tends to have a somber subject matter in their music (loss, anxiety, depression) but presented in a way to be entertaining, yet powerful and therapeutic.  This was a perfect balance to the vivacious presence of the prior band. Every audience wants to feel something and with these relatable topics and heartfelt lyrcis, no doubt everyone did.


The mighty Ra was finally ready to grace the stage. I hadn’t seen this band in well over a decade but still listened to the older tracks as they were always so good! Most people only knew them the song, “Do You Call My Name” but if you were familiar with their new album titled Intercurropted released via Wake Up! Music Rocks on March 19, 2021 then you know you were in for a treat! The band consists of Sahaj Ticotin {vocals/rhythm guitar}, P.J. Farley {bass}, Skoota Warner {drums}, and Ben Carroll on lead guitar, who was absent tonight with Jordan from KILLAKOI filling in and proving his worthiness. Being the 'Intercurropted Tour' we heard most tracks from the album beginning with “Jezebel” and “Loud” before jumping back to “Falling Angels,” the opening track off the second studio album Duality from 2005, and “Rectifier” off 2002’s From One, and “Broken Hearted Soul” from 2008’s Black Sun. I enjoyed this trip down the nostalgic memory lane of some of Ra’s greatest songs. I have always thought Sahaj was a musical genius and everything he gets his hands on, whether writing, performing, or producing seems to be superb. The intro to “Intercurropted” was played and you could hear a lot of excitement in the crowd. After blasting through that song with no bars held back by the surrounding members, we heard a couple more songs off of Intercurropted before the cover of The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” which Ra originally covered back in 2005. You can find the YouTube video if you want to hear how exceptionally well done this is. After another flashback to “Sky” Sahaj jokingly mentions that he is going to play a “new one” and concludes the night with “Do You Call My Name” and the entire audience dances, moshes, and sings along. No delayed encore, just straight through rocking our asses to the core.  At one point during the set a mosh pit also broke out to which Sahaj commented, “You nearly killed my sister but she’s still standing.” Yes, in the audience was his sister Rachel Ticiton (Film and TV actress). I’ve been waiting for a live Ra fix for many years, since my friend and former drummer Andy Ryan left the band {2004-2012}. Although exhausted, I felt fulfilled after a great night of phenomenal music. Unfortunately, this tour is coming to an end, but check out all the bands and catch them at a venue near you in the future.  On to the next show...



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